Is this true?

Posted by: yoyo52

Is this true? - 09/08/04 11:50 PM

A letter to my local newspaper asserts that during his speech at the RNC, Scharzenegger made reference to hearing the Nixon-Humphrey debates back when he got to this country, with empty pockets, in 1968. The problem the writer notes is that there was no Nixon-Humphrey debate in 1968, and that since Scharzenegger was half owner of a successful construction company at the time, he wasn't exactly peniless either.<br><br>I didn't watch the convention, so any recollection of the statement, or is the writer just off the wall?<br><br>And doing some readin about all this on the web, I discovered that Schwarzenegger also claims to have seen Soviet tanks in the streets of his home town when he was a boy--an impossibility, according to Austrian historians--and to have left a socialist Austria in 1968 when in fact Austria had been governed by conservatives essentially from 1945 onwards.<br><br>Is any of this true?<br><br>
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Re: Is this true? - 09/08/04 11:58 PM

Arnold actually said 'race' and not 'debate'. Although that sure seems what he implied, he gets a pass on this one.<br><br><br><br><br>
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Re: Is this true? - 09/09/04 12:05 AM

That does make a big difference. I'm glad. I actually like Arnold, on film, anyway--don't know what he's like as a governator. I think he has a great sense of humor in almost every movie he does, more so in the earlier ones where he didn't have to take himself seriously.<br><br>