Fahrenhype 9/11

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Fahrenhype 9/11 - 09/03/04 09:51 PM

The Trailer.<br><br><br>HAHAHAHA!<br><br>
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Re: Fahrenhype 9/11 - 09/03/04 10:10 PM

If someone wants to tell "the rest of the story" that's fine, but why make it about Moore's film? The biggest problem I have with Moore is that people give him waaaaaaaaaay too much legitimacy. <br><br>
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Re: Fahrenhype 9/11 - 09/03/04 10:14 PM

YES!!<br><br>I'm adding it to my budget for early October .. Thanks for the heads up, Sam you am ...<br><br>****************<br><br>[color:blue]VOTE</font color=blue>[color:red] for President George W. Bush on November 2, 2004</font color=red>
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Re: Fahrenhype 9/11 - 09/03/04 11:06 PM

Hrmmm -- I'd be interested in for what appears to be Iraq footage. Unfortunately, the other stuff seems to be talking heads saying "Is not! Is nooooot!" I mean, c'mon, Ann Coulter??? She's as big a political hack as MM is -- why should I believe what she has to say any more than MM?<br><br>Anyways, it looks like it might be an interesting rental, but it won't be a purchase ;-)<br><br>***matt<br><br>Turn up the signal, wipe out the noise ...
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Re: Fahrenhype 9/11 - 09/03/04 11:51 PM

And while you're marking your calendar....<br><br>Rated R<br><br>