Mac OS X Tips - Lots of software hacks

Posted By: the JoshMeister

Mac OS X Tips - Lots of software hacks - 06/05/12 09:22 AM

Since the "Software Hacks & Mods" section of the forums has been quiet for a while, I thought I'd mention a site I subscribe to that posts Mac OS X software hacks and tricks about once a month:

Mac OS X Tips

As of when I'm posting this, they just added a hack for bringing back "Save As" in Lion. There are plenty of other tricks in the archives. The site's definitely worth checking out and subscribing.

I'm not affiliated with the site, but I like its content so I hope it stays around for years to come.

If you've got any interesting mods for any Apple products (hardware or software), please drop me a line at podcast(at) or mention it in a tweet to @MacTechLive. If it's particularly good, it might get a retweet, and if it's really special I may consider doing a podcast episode about it.
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