Fast swap

Posted by: TCPMeta

Fast swap - 07/04/07 05:36 PM

I was thinking. Since a lot of us like to move the swap to it's own partition or drive how about making the swap be on a Compact Flash on a IDE adapter? I've been playing with my CF adapter and it's very quick for DOS or Win9x on a PC. I know OSx itself can't fit on a CF card and MicroDrive CF cards are too slow then standard CF cards. Would this improve speed or will this just take up space?
Posted by: whitlock

Re: Fast swap - 07/04/07 06:22 PM

Well, typically moving the swap file to a different partition in OS X provides very little in speed.  In my opinion (and experience) useless.  If you can get it moved to a different drive or the CF card, then is should improve speed enough to where it was worth it.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: Fast swap - 07/04/07 06:56 PM

What if one were to use a Pair of CF cards setup as a striped RAID.
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Fast swap - 07/05/07 10:53 AM

dual array and a single would be perfect. the single would be used as swap, while the rest would be on the RAID array.

Or instead of a RAID what about loading up all of the IDE channels and RAID IDE channels and issue the RAID as a JOB and setup the system like a Linux system. One would be /boot another would be SWAP, one would be / and one would be /root and the other would be /home. To me this way works better so if you have a crash it can be easily fixed.