pranks with XP

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pranks with XP - 05/12/07 03:25 AM

Ever want to pull a prank on a PC user or a fellow mac user running XP on his mac? Well I doubt you want to hurt the computer so his a simple prank that only will cause a force restart or power off. Open Notepad and enter this code.

goto 1

Save it but as a BAT (BATCH) file. If you're really smart you could convert it to a exec file via bat2exec converter and add a game like icon and tell the victim it's a compiled flash game. When he/she runs the file the DOS command window will popup then another, then another etc etc etc... It will open up 200+ command prompt windows and use up 99% of the system resources and you can't do anything but a force reboot. The only way this would harm some one is if they have something important running like defrag or something.
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Re: pranks with XP - 05/12/07 07:16 PM

HAHA, that was great. I have winXP in VirtualBox on my linux machine, so I made the file. Then I gave it to my friend who ran it on his dual core 2.0GHz AMD siempron laptop with 2GB ram. WOW that thing opens command prompt windows fast  roflmao
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Re: pranks with XP - 05/13/07 05:08 PM

Yes yes, I pulled this prank on 13 ppl so far. I compiled it as a EXEC file and gave it a icon and told them it's a flash game. I would watch them access the FTP and download it then with in 2 to 5 minutes they log out of AIM and get back on 2 minutes later cussing me out and asking if I loaded a virus on their system. Then I end up spending 30minutes explaining that it's a simple batch file that just reloops the command prompt window to open over and over.

I made mine with some ascii art that has a little quote from batman "Holy strawberry's batman, we're in a jam!" lol. With the added ascii art it makes the file bigger and more legit looking then a few bytes.
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Re: pranks with XP - 05/13/07 07:35 PM

I found a nice simple Mac prank the other day which I tested with some success in our showroom.
Log into a machine you can see (and preferably hear) via ssh when someone else is near it. You can make sure its volume is turned up using this terminal command:

sudo osascript -e "set Volume 10"

10 for max volume, 0 is mute.

You can then freak people out by using the 'say' command:

say "anything you like"

Its good fun when you get someone who is less of a geek and can't work out what is happening.

Next trick is to broadcast the AV from an iSight on the client over the network without showing the image on screen or playing the audio through internal speakers.
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Re: pranks with XP - 05/14/07 02:44 AM

Too bad you can't make it sound like a puppy like a petstore. Or make it say "I'm a mac, PC is evil, don't tell PC I said that!"
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Re: pranks with XP - 05/15/07 06:53 AM

You can make it say whatever you want. The puppy trick is slightly more involved, but if you have a sample, its not hard either.
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Re: pranks with XP - 05/15/07 11:36 PM

I just tricked a friend of mine. He alway's gloats about his system running for 4 months straight with out a reboot. I got him to try the program and he had to end up rebooting the computer.
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Re: pranks with XP - 05/15/07 11:59 PM

the best thing you can do to any xp machine is shut it off and leave it that way..  just my opinion of course.  I am forced to use the horror that is xp at work and I suffer each day because of it.
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Re: pranks with XP - 05/16/07 01:40 AM

Yea, I get to use a Unix based system at work smile Just wish the systems had more then 64MB of ram frown

MS screwed them selfs. I remember when MS made XENIX. It was a Unix like OS that was pretty much a copy of AT&T Unix. I think MS only made 3 kernel releases. They dropped it and now SCO owns the rights to XENIX and making a killing with their OS called OpenServer that is built off the XENIX kernel.
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Re: pranks with XP - 05/16/07 02:29 AM

thats so cool.  just before bsd came out.  I had heard mumblings about an ms unix before but never ventured to learn more. 

I would love to use unix at work.
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Re: pranks with XP - 05/16/07 02:52 AM

wait..  bsd came out in 78.  or was it 79?
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Re: pranks with XP - 05/16/07 12:12 PM

Same era really. BSD was also a copy of AT&T Unix. I had a copy of SCO XENIX on a old 286. Know what would be cool to try? A/UX, I always wanted a copy to play with. I found a site that some guy uses a old SE/30 with System 7.01 with A/UX and uses it to host his site.
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Re: pranks with XP - 05/16/07 01:25 PM

I downloaded and installed A/UX on one of my old macs about a year ago, its still sitting around somewhere. There was someone that had A/UX as a http download, but I can't find the site now. I have ssh turned on on my sisters iBook, and have had fun with the say command before. But it never seems to say anything when she takes it to me to ask whats wrong with it...
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Re: pranks with XP - 05/16/07 01:27 PM

According to the wikipedia link above, M$ licensed Xenix from AT&T. Then sold it to SCO.
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Re: pranks with XP - 05/17/07 01:41 AM

Almost correct. AT&T gave a license to the source to MS and since the name UNIX was copyrighted they gave it the name XENIX.

Know whats fun? Installing Radmin on your room mate's PC and while he's playing WoW you connect and take it over lol. When I did it I didn't take over his char I just started typing random quote from full metal jacket lol.