Sticking it to MS

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Sticking it to MS - 04/18/07 09:39 PM

Well i'm stuck using a PC in my car until I get my mini. Apart from that I keep getting harddrive crashes from the PC in the car. I did find in my box of CDs BartPE. I made a custom windows PE disk and even made it bootable from a hard drive. I also made it bootable off of a 512MB CF card w/ CF to IDE adapter.

Sadly WinPE is very bare and software and i've been trying to get windows media player to work and with a Front End program called Mobile Impact. So far I havn't got much working but im still in a search for a front end that doesn't need WMP.

Heres a list of programs I got working.

Flash Player 8
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Re: Sticking it to MS - 04/19/07 12:42 AM

You could try Damn small Linux, it is a distro of linux that boots of a CD. It only takes up 50MB of space and can be installed to the HD. It is also really easy to install other apps that are not included.
here is a link ->
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Re: Sticking it to MS - 04/19/07 11:10 AM

I've used DSL in the past and wasn't all that great. Knoppix would be better to use.