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OSx86 - 03/11/07 02:29 PM

Yes I know that it's illegal but I wanted to try it. A friend of mine gave me a copy of 10.4.6 for intel w/ AMD and Intel patches.

I installed it on VMWare with a bit of modifying the VMWare config I got it to use a real HD and made two partitions. One for Windows and one for OSX. I installed OSx86 and tried it out. Kinda weird since I never had a mac faster then 600MHz and it flys. In system profiler it sees my CPU as a AMD Athlon 64 2800+ that is correct but the CPU was at 1.8GHz but I o/c it to 2GHz. In system profiler it sees my CPU running at 3.2GHz. The FSB is 1600MHz or 800MHz depending how you look at it but again in system profiler it sees it as 200MHz.

Not bad at all and it seems to run fine with the SSE2 patch.

Since I just told the world here im running OSx86 I better go uninstall it. The main reason why I installed OSx86 is because I ordered a Macmini and I wanted to see if all of my programs for the iCar project will work on a Intel platform.
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Re: OSx86 - 03/12/07 01:46 AM

Plenty Of People Talk About in openly.

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Re: OSx86 - 03/12/07 01:08 PM

Yea but give it time and Apple's lawyers will jump in and it will be just like the clonewars back in the 90's.
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Re: OSx86 - 03/12/07 01:12 PM

I can undoubtabley say that Apple will make the move to open up OSX.  As Apple makes its move back into the corporate and it world and PC builders continue to ask for OSX it makes more sense for them to open the platform.  Yeah the clones didnt work out, but Apple needed it at the time of its conception.  If they do it right, we may just see a massive change it home computing.

Apple....I want it too!  Your hardware is great, but until I can build my own workstation to run it, OSX is going to only live on my laptops.
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Re: OSx86 - 03/12/07 04:53 PM

It would make sense for Apple to make OSx for IBM compatible systems. I doubt they will do it anytime soon. Right now they are trying to get more people to buy their hardware since they lost so much revenue from the iTunes store. What would help them out a lot is like a Demo of OSx that can run on any system so the user can try it out before buying a mac. This way a lot of people can try it and see for them selfs if they want to dish out a 1,000 or more for a system.
I've met a few people that are diehard window users and they would bash OSx in a heart beat but ofcorse they have only seen screen shots of the OS and not really tried it.

When you think about it Apple will lose more money for porting OSx to run only any type of PC besides their own. All it will do is add another OS to the long list of alternative OSes to choose from. After all OSx is just another type of Unix and theres hundreds if not thousands of flavors of Unix, Linux and BSD. In all just end users like us would use OSx and maybe a few companys.

is the EFI BIOS a Apple only software or will PC makers finally switch over to EFI instead of the AMI or AWARD BIOS? I just find it a bit funny how Apple likes to point and dig at the BIOS thing since after all you can do more with a PC BIOS then with Apple's EFI. Also the BIOS setup used in most systems today are way better then what we had in the 80s and 90s.
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Re: OSx86 - 03/12/07 05:06 PM

Yeah, there are a lot of OSs, but the only two that are widely used are Winblows and OSX.  The world runs on Windows.  Most people know of Apple computers and OSX.  People that are bashers are usually ignorant.  Im not a fan of winblows, but if it what I need to run the software I want on the hardware I want, thats what I am now going to use.  I still use OSX at work and for web, photo organization, etc.  My pc just gets the heavy lifting.  Also, for F@H, pcs are just better than Macs as far as cost and running the vga version.  I like Linux too by the way, but majority of people are not computer die hards like us.

Hopefully my F@H farm will be underway soon as donations are coming in and I haven't even announced it yet!
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Re: OSx86 - 03/12/07 07:03 PM

I believe there is other hardware running EFI as it was developed by Intel, but there is a version or two of Winblows that won't run on it. I forget which.
The reason M$ have corporate IT in its pocket, is because it has the buyers in its pocket. It works like this:
Company hires IT guy. Who to hire? Everyone uses Winblows so we'll get a guy with an M$ certificate.
What kit do we buy? Lets ask the IT guy we hired.
What kit is (s)he going to choose? Not one they don't have a certificate for thats for sure. And when the boss sees how cheap this hardware is, they'll be impressed. They don't expect to get much leeway over the price of the software, since they have to buy Winblows and OFfice, and they cost what they cost. So thats labelled as a 'necessary expense'.

Even those companies lucky enough to have a guy who knows about Macs, is going to take one look at his/her quotations and say: "You want us to spend how much on hardware?!"
Asking the people who sign the cheques to see past the bottom line hardware bill is a battle Apple have been fighting for years.
Funny thing is when you ask them why they don't pay a Mercedes salesman to tell them what company vehicles they need and how many they should buy, and what make they should be, they finally start to get your point.