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Posted by: soundmann18

Trash can - sidebar - 10/02/06 04:21 AM

Hey- I was just trying to put the trashcan into my sidebar of the finder, and it didn't seem as easy as i wanted it to be.  does anyone know how to do this?
Posted by: macDeviant

Re: Trash can - sidebar - 10/02/06 01:06 PM

actually, i do.... i figured this out a little while ago. thought it's not as glamorous as one would hope.

1) You need to make hidden files viewable. i like to use Tinkertool, fairly easly to use and pretty straight forward.

2) follow this path Volume/HDD Name/Users/User Home Folder/.Trash Or basically after turning on the hidden files go to your home folder and look for the file ".Trash" the "." Prefix denotes to the system that the file is hidden.

3) Get a custom icon, since the .Trash icon is just a default folder. You can add it in the "Get Info" window.

4) Drag the .Trash folder to the sidebar or even the the top bar where your seach and veiw buttons are in a window. (right-click or control+click will give you a contextual menu that will give the option to customize this space.)

5) Disable Hidden files and go back to your normal daily routine.

This is how i figured out how to do it... any body else know a way? If you have a question or don't get it. Post here and i'll explain better?

Posted by: soundmann18

Re: Trash can - sidebar - 10/02/06 01:34 PM

Cool, thanks alot, I got that working.  also, if you want to use the actual trash icon, it is in Macintosh HD|System|Library|Core Services|Dock (right click and show package contents).  Or, i've attached it below.