Help with AirPort and Yellow Dog 4.1

Posted by: cincyaaron

Help with AirPort and Yellow Dog 4.1 - 04/05/06 04:27 PM

I current have Yellow Dog on my iBook g4. I was wondering if any linux guru's out there could help me get yellow reading my airport extreme card? I am not sure if Yellow Dog is supporting them or not. Please try and get back to me ASAP, it would help alot.

-ps. I have been fiddling around with linux on my ibook. I have Yellow Dog and Mac OS X 10.4 dual booting. It allows me to choose which OS I want to use. Im planning on putting Unbuntu on there also. I use VolumeWorks. It re-sized my OS X partition without losing any files out all. Im excited.
Posted by: TutAnGeek

Help with AirPort and Yellow Dog 4.1 - 06/04/06 02:44 PM

Short answer:

Long answer:
Apple's airport extreme cards use a notorious broadcom chipset, which broadcom refuses to release specifications or open drivers for, and therefore, the community has had great difficulty reverse engineering a good driver for the chipset. On x86 machines running linux, users are able to use "ndiswrapper" to use the windows version of the driver under linux, quieting the majority of the need for such a driver and making the potential for a community based driver even less likely. That being said, this project DOES exist, and perhaps might work, but you willl probably have great difficulty getting it to work.