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OS X LCARS Mod - 03/28/06 12:24 AM

Any Trekkie or even TNG/DS9/Voyager fan will know what LCARS stands for: Library Computer Access & Retrieval System. It's the cool completely touch- and voice-driven computer interface seen on those three shows. An idea popped into my head today in Western Civ. class: most of the technologies needed to make such a system a reality on the personal computing level (meaning without a central computer and terminals) are already present in Mac OS X. Wouldn't it be cool if I could do a large-scale OS X mod to make it more like LCARS? It would take some modification of Voice Over and a full implementation of a touchscreen design. It could also include some look modifications, like changes to the menubar icons (including Spotlight and the Apple), About This Mac window, and login window. I've already begun (kind-of) work on the project, and I'd love some help. If anyone is interested and is talented in the sort of work that needs to be done, please let me know.
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OS X LCARS Mod - 03/28/06 12:39 AM

it a great idea! too bad I don't have the experience to participate. keep posting and I'll do research or whatever.
good luck!
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OS X LCARS Mod - 07/22/06 03:43 AM

Did this ever go anywhere, I completely agree and I am willing to work on it with you.
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OS X LCARS Mod - 07/22/06 04:01 AM

No, it never went anywhere. It would be awesome, but I really don't have the experience necessary to do the work.
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Re: OS X LCARS Mod - 01/18/07 09:33 PM

I happened upon this insanely great "true" LCARS system that runs on top of Windows and works (so far) in CrossOver: http://www.lcarsdeveloper.com/downloads.php.  Download the "LOSS 8" demo.  It would be even more insanely great if there were an OS X version.  If you want to see LCARS in OS X as badly as I do, send them an email asking about development and encouraging it.
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Re: OS X LCARS Mod - 02/15/07 01:31 PM

I remember seeing a while back a window manager for Linux/X11 that had a LCARS like GUI.
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Re: OS X LCARS Mod - 02/15/07 06:19 PM

I'd love to see this as an interface for a media player with a touchscreen... an LCARS iTablet... or even an ipod interface... A skin for the iPhone.  If I had that I'd wear my commander uniform 24/7!
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Re: OS X LCARS Mod - 02/18/07 04:08 PM

If I knew a lot of programimg I would do it.