Custom darwin disto part 2

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Custom darwin disto part 2 - 12/21/05 03:59 PM

Well I have pretty much changed the whole layout for the distro. I had to compile XFree86 from CVS source and also used DarwinPorts for everything else. Right now im trying out the Gentoo portage kit and also I have Fink installed. Just so I don't end up with 50 of the same programs I have created aliases for most of the directorys. Also my profile is 50lines of mostly PATH entrys.

Also as I speak im installing GNOME with the jhbuild. It's working very well for a program that wasn't really made for Darwin. It took a lot of prep though, the easyest way is to just run the jhbuild bootstrap command. It downloads all of the deps and tosses them into the /opt/gnome2 directorys.

Stay posted for more.
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Re:Custom darwin disto part 2 - 12/27/05 04:27 PM

Whats gentoo like on the mac, I use the gentoo distribution on my PC and get along with it fairly well. How do DarwinPorts fink and gentoo coexist if you have linked their dir together? have you done it with symlinks so the /sw fink dir tree doesn't really exist?
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Re:Custom darwin disto part 2 - 12/27/05 07:35 PM

Ok, the Gentoo portage is just like fink basicly. Same commands what the Linux distro uses. The directory setup is simple. Just install Fink frist in the /sw (default directory) then install DarwinPorts from source with the following commands

./configure --prefix=/sw
sudo make install

On the ./configure command you're just tossing in the command to make the Makefile to install the binary files into the /sw directory when you issue the make install command.

In the .profile just add a entry like this.

export PATH

The gentoo portage installs packages into /usr/local

It's very simple really. If I really wanted too I could of installed Fink by source and issue it to install into the root area of the drive. Same goes with DarwinPorts, but since this is testing only I will try this out on the Beta builds.

Right now im using the portage programs to install all of the major tools of GNU Linux.
If you want to try this just email me or PM me and i'll go over with the stuff you need to get started.

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Re:Custom darwin disto part 2 - 12/27/05 07:50 PM

Thanks for the offer of help but I was mainly curious as to how you had managed it.
I've got DarwinPorts and fink running ok on my main workhorse machine at the moment, but hadn't considered trying to get them to co-exist in the same directory the same way you have.

BTW if your still trying to do your original aim of create a Darwin LiveCD and wanted any testers I would be happy to help.

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Re:Custom darwin disto part 2 - 12/27/05 08:30 PM

Just keep in mind that Xcode 2 uses the same GNU building tools and same goes with Darwin. So just about any Linux trick will work when building from source. It's a lot easyer to direct a build to a directory then to make aliases. Also since Fink and Darwinports are in the same directory I won't end up having two or more of the same programs. On my last setup I had two copys of pretty much everything. Half of my HD was full of programs I didn't need because they were somewhere else on the drive.

I'll keep in mind for testers. This project might give me a reason to build a FTP and a HTTPD that works lol.