My own Darwin distro

Posted by: TCPMeta

My own Darwin distro - 11/25/05 06:38 AM

Well I have gotten a idea to build my own darwin distro. I installed Darwin 8 on my Cube and installed Xdarwin with DarwinPorts. As we speak im installing WindowMaker via DarwinPorts. If it works like in Tiger then I can finish up the distro by adding tons of neat software and slim down some things. Might beable to compile a custom Kernel to get rid of the KEXTs I don't need and such. If all goes well I'll try and make it a Live CD/DVD for fun. This would be perfect for older macs that can't run OS X very well.
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Re:My own Darwin distro - 11/25/05 09:40 AM

thats a sweet idea TCP, can't wait to see the outcome.
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re:My own Darwin distro - 11/25/05 09:24 PM

Well so far so good. Only one problem I facing that is going to change everything for this mod. GNU has updated their file-server so DarwinPorts is having problems with downloading stuff from GNU. So now im stuck by doing this by hand on downloading everything I need and compile it myself. This will be a major headacke because I don't know what is needed to run WindowMaker besides X11 and Glib, Zlib and libiconv. Also Xdarwin is giving my some problems so I also have to compile that from source. I'll have to pull out my notebook that I used to keep a record when I built my custom Linux Distro for my PCs.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:My own Darwin distro - 11/25/05 10:25 PM

You could use Fink to fill in what you don't have because that will tell you what you need.
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re:My own Darwin distro - 11/26/05 09:20 AM

Does Fink even work in darwin?
Posted by: burtman

Re:My own Darwin distro - 11/26/05 10:56 AM

Should do, and their is a windowmaker package as well.

Which version of darwin are you using?
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re:My own Darwin distro - 11/27/05 07:29 AM

I'm using Darwin 8.0.1. I've tryed all sorts of ways to try not to end up compiling source but no luck. I remember finding a port build of YUM for darwin but I think it's made for Mac OS X. All of the research i've been finding is mostly for Mac OS X. Damn coca lol.
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Re:My own Darwin distro - 11/27/05 10:05 PM

Well i'm going to scrap this idea. I'll work on it later when I have more freetime on my hands. Thanks for all of the help guys.
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Re:My own Darwin distro - 12/05/05 09:19 PM

After thinking about it I am going to contune the distro. Right now im trying out a few portage programs in Tiger. So far the Gentoo portage "emerge" seems to work great. I'll keep you all posted on how it turns out.