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Game Gun - 12/16/09 06:06 PM

I have seen on YouTube a video where some guy built a "Game Gun". This device is a simple toy gun that has a LCD and a air-mouse attached on top and has a keyboard or game pad modified to fit inside of the toy gun. This makes the game play more realistic for first person shooter games. I doubt such a device would would be on the market anytime soon and the cost would be outrageous. However I have been playing with my own Game gun idea. Since im a avid airsoft player I have a few electric cheap-o rifles that do not work anymore.

My idea for my Game gun is some what simple. Use a game pad with a thumb stick to control forward, backward, jump and crouch. Button on the bottom of the clip to reload and a mouse scroll on the other side of the grip to change weapons and so on. Ofcourse the trigger would fire. Maybe use the safety as a alternate fire. The gun I have here to use for the game gun is a cheapy Stunt Studios AK-47. It's full length and can hold all of the electronics just fine. It's just the matter of cutting slots into the casing and such. The LCD is a SUPER 10 inch display. I'm going to try it with my iPhone and the air mouse app until I can find a reasonable price for a real air mouse.

Here is a picture of the AK-47 and the LCD.

I'm thinking to use a cordless game pad and another cordless mouse to control the functions. I can buy a bunch of push buttons from dirt cheap for the rest. Hard part is securing the LCD to the gun. I think a simple L bracket should work.
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Re: Game Gun - 12/16/09 07:21 PM

A little quick update.

I'm thinking to toss in a small rumble motor into the stock and fore-grip areas for added effect. Just use the rechargeable battery to the gun to power them and also to power the mouse.

Right now im looking into game controllers that will be small enough to fit into the gun. If all else fails I could look into a Wii Mote numchuck to hack up.
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Re: Game Gun - 12/17/09 05:36 PM

Today before I go to work I'm going to stop at radio shack and buy some push button switches and a new tip for my solder iron.
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Re: Game Gun - 12/20/09 03:26 PM

Such an innovative idea. Good luck, and make sure you keep us updated, this could be an awesome mod.
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Re: Game Gun - 12/25/09 04:11 PM


I've been slowly working on this project. The gun can hold quite a bit but I'm trying to make sure everything is counter weighted so it feels like a real weapon. So far im just collecting the parts for it. Also im trying to figure out the best way to integrate a controller to fit inside. Might put the circuit board into the butt stock and just extend the buttons to the forgrip area.
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Re: Game Gun - 12/29/09 03:53 PM

I started on figuring out my rumble system for the rifle. I put the bigger motor in the stock. The smaller motor fits perfectly towards the barrel end of the rifle.

Since the shell is more limited then I thought I'm going to use a wireless keyboard controller board. I'm planning to use the battery that came with the gun, it's a 7.2V 800ma battery but with a voltage regulator I can use the controller just fine and for added rumble fun i'll use the whole 7.2 volts. I'll even toss on a kill switch to the rumble system.

Some time this week I need to go hit up office depot on a cheap wireless keyboard.

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Re: Game Gun - 12/29/09 08:37 PM

Just bought the buttons for the controls. I need to figure out the triggering system.
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Re: Game Gun - 12/30/09 03:34 PM

The push buttons I bought are too big. I can use a couple of them but I'll have to find some smaller ones for the directional pad.

So I'll use one for the reload and one for weapon select.

It would be nice to use a hall effect switch for the trigger but I don't want the battery to drain too quickly so I'll stick with a nintendo zapper style trigger.
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Re: Game Gun - 01/01/10 11:35 PM

Stripped the clip and installed a few buttons and a slew of wiring.

I'm currently installing a 7805 voltage regulator to power the keyboard controller.

I'm still trying to find the perfect push button switches to control the movement.
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Re: Game Gun - 01/02/10 12:41 PM

I was playing around with some cardboard and the first set of buttons I bought. They do in fact work size wise. Instead of making up a D pad layout I have two buttons on each side. Thumb side controls forwards and backwards. Index side controls jump and crouch.

I spent the night drilling, mounting and soldering the buttons. I didn't have the correct size drill bit so I used the closet one I had then used a pocket knife to carve out the rest.

After work I need to stop at radio shack again for a few more buttons. I'll also post some pictures later.
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Re: Game Gun - 01/05/10 04:44 PM

Here some pictures of the build.

Barrel vibration motor.

Reload button on the bottom of the magazine.

Forward and Backward movement buttons.

Need two more buttons and a wireless keyboard and I might be able to finish it.
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Re: Game Gun - 01/05/10 05:48 PM

Pretty cool, thanks for the progress reports.
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Re: Game Gun - 01/06/10 12:16 AM

Wicked cool idea!
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Re: Game Gun - 01/16/10 12:04 PM

Thanks guys

Haven't done much since the last update. I've been busy as heck at work.

Today after work I need to stop at RadioShack and pick up a few parts.
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Re: Game Gun - 01/21/10 06:11 PM

I was cleaning up the computer room and came across my old Nintendo zapper. I'm going to use the trigger system for the Game Gun.

All of my gamer friends have been bugging me on this project. I'm hopping to finish it in February.
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Re: Game Gun - 03/09/10 03:29 PM

It's been a while since I last updated this.

The gun is completed and just ordered myself a gyration-mouse for it.

I'm going to make the mouse detectable for another project im working on. The other project is a Head Mounted Monitor. This device will be used for flight sims.
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Re: Game Gun - 04/20/10 12:47 PM

Still trying to work the bugs out. The movement isn't flowing well. If I tilt upwards and then back I go off centered.

I'm glad I used a keyboard controller for the project. Most FPS games don't like to use a gamepad/joystick.

I'm using two games as a test bed. Quake3 and Counter-Strike Source.
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Re: Game Gun - 04/24/15 07:14 AM

I gave up on this project years ago. However since then I am going to tackle it again. Since my kids showed me the Delta six (Rip off of my airsoft's team name) I am going to again try and build my own so I can stick it to the man since the Delta Six is "Open source" yet he offers no code or schmatics.

Anyway, enough ranting. The rifle will be simple. LCD mounted on top with a accelerometer as the movement for looking up/down/left/right. A Ardinuo will be used as the brain of the system.