usb recording

Posted by: Mackenzie

usb recording - 11/04/08 12:30 PM

Hallo to all.
I am looking for a good impermeable or underwater clock USB with voice
recorder function, even like that one of the cellular phone, where you
click a button and it register, but I can't find it.

I need it becuase I've always got a lot of idea and things to note so I want something where I can register them and that
I can bring everywhere: in the swimming pool, under the shower, while I am jogging ecc.

You never know when the right idea arrives!!

I bought something like that, the casio DBV 3000, but it wasn't
impermeable .
I bought a chinese one too, it says "water resistant", but when you go
under the water a few humidity passes and the contacts are oxidized
therefore it doesn't works anymore.
Anyone knows a truly impermeable or water proof model?
Any suggestion or link?
Thanks to anyone that can help me.

You have never see gift ideas like these! (idee regalo on italian chalet val di rabbi)
Posted by: ctan

Re: usb recording - 11/24/08 04:36 PM

If something is truely water impermiable, wouldn't it make recording rather hard? Are you looking for a case that is water proof (not water reistant), or are you looking for a device that is water proof?
Posted by: Mackenzie

Re: usb recording - 11/24/08 05:46 PM

water proof...
meanwhile thanks
Posted by: TonimusMaximus

Re: usb recording - 11/25/08 07:17 PM

You might want to check this out. It's one of the options that came up when I Googled "waterproof voice recorder" Looks like it may work for you.