UPS Mod Help

Posted by: Protocol6v

UPS Mod Help - 04/21/08 02:16 PM

I picked up an APC Smart 750 UPS the other day. I have several sets of batteries that are in perfect condition, pretty much brand new from a Tripp Lite 750VA UPS.

I wanted to built a separate enclosure for the batteries and connect them to the APC.

So I was wondering if anybody could help me find a tech sheet on what the charging circuit in these things can handle. Other suggestions and comments would be great to, I just don't want to cause a fire or something like that.

Posted by: oojacoboo

Re: UPS Mod Help - 04/21/08 05:10 PM


surprisingly there isn't much info out there on this stuff. I got a 1KVA UPS here myself that needs to have the battery replaced. I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I think I am going to hook up a deep cycle marine battery to the leads and give her a test. The only thing I worry about is the inverter board and any overheating from extended use as a result of a larger battery.