I\'m Back

Posted by: thavok

I\'m Back - 01/27/06 06:00 PM

Ok i don't know if anyone remembers me but its been a while I got my 12" ibook and due to money trouble i had to sell it and go back to my desktop pc. well I have finally saved up enough money again and I'm getting a little older g5 imac, well I have this problem with drives, I have 2 ide hard drives and an ide dvd burner that i would like to hook up but I kinda hate to have three external enclosures lying around. has anyone seen a solution for like 2 or three drives in on enclosure. is this possible or just wishful thinking on my part. thanks for any info that anyone can give me.
Posted by: maestro

Re:I\'m Back - 01/27/06 06:26 PM

Buy an outboard raid box. You can get one that has three bays and hooks to your imac with firewire.
Glad to see you back. If you need help finding a raid box, post and ill put up some links.

Posted by: thavok

Re:I\'m Back - 01/27/06 07:12 PM

ok so sweet I totally didn't know these things were out there. but one more question which raid is the raid where you combine the total size so i have a 200gb and a 120gb and i combine them to a 320?
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re:I\'m Back - 01/28/06 12:38 AM

To combine drives of different sizes into a single volume, use JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks). It can be done with Disk Utility, though you may be better off having them separate. If one drive in a software JBOD array goes down, you can lose all data on all the drives.

You could get three firewire bridge boards and mount the drives in your PC case. Thy should run off the PSU....
Posted by: whitlock

Re:I\'m Back - 01/28/06 03:41 AM

Glad to have you back!