2 dead shuffles?!

Posted by: maestro

2 dead shuffles?! - 01/16/06 01:39 AM

A friend of my wifes recently told me that both of her shuffles were no longer working. Hmmm, strange, and so I tested them. I plugged them into the shuffle dock and charged them up. Then I put a test tune on it. When I fired it up I saw the green light and the battery light registered ok. No tunes, nothing. The light stayed on the whole time. Strange. I updated the software on it too, which didnt help. Two dead shuffles? She owns a PC (figures), so I was wondering, could a virus or something damaged it? Maybe a bad usb port. I have no idea, so if anyone has any ideas or has heard of issues, please post.

Posted by: whitlock

Re:2 dead shuffles?! - 01/16/06 01:55 AM

You ran the iPod setup software on them, right?

Then again, I've had to RMA a shuffle once when it just wouldn't charge. Then again, I did run the replacement one through the washer AND dryer. Then again the washed one still works.

Damn shuffles are weird pieces of equipment.
Posted by: macDeviant

Re:2 dead shuffles?! - 01/16/06 03:45 AM

could be the flash memory is corrupt? i had a flash drive for about 3 months before it went bad and would corrupt everything loaded to it.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:2 dead shuffles?! - 01/16/06 05:33 AM

yea, I am with macdeviant on this one. Especially running the shuffles through a PC format process.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:2 dead shuffles?! - 01/16/06 05:52 AM

Two though? that's some odds. I'd just run the ipod updater on those suckers. If it's still happening then I'd consider bad flash chips on them.

Tell us how it goes!
Posted by: maestro

Re:2 dead shuffles?! - 01/16/06 01:56 PM

Could be. I ran the updaters on them to no avail. Im not sure of the warranty standing on them, but I am going
to tell her to return them.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re:2 dead shuffles?! - 01/16/06 07:25 PM

Did you update or restore? I had 5 or 6 of them come in within a couple of days (all windows format). They needed an update, but I wiped them anyway. The owners all reported that songs would transfer to the Shuffles, but no sound when they tried to play them.
I restored them from a Mac and loaded songs to test. All of them were fine.
Posted by: maestro

Re:2 dead shuffles?! - 01/16/06 07:53 PM

Ill give it one more try an restore both of them. Ill let you know how it comes out.