3 lcds?

Posted by: maestro

3 lcds? - 10/11/05 09:31 AM

Im looking into getting some lcds for my main mac. Im having trouble figuring out what to get.
Has anyone tried running three monitors on a mac before. I know I need a second card for the third monitor, but can I run my desktop across all three? Im not in a hurry on this, but any help is appreciated.

updated- I suppose I have enough video cards and monitors to try it myself....but am still curious if someone has done it.

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Posted by: shadowboxer47

Re:3 lcds? - 10/11/05 09:49 AM

I've done two, but never three.

However, I've seen three done by others.
Posted by: maestro

Re:3 lcds? - 10/11/05 10:07 AM

OMG! I am running three screens. This is so sick and wrong. Seems I have found a new set up.
You guys gotta try this. Hmmm....I have one more monitor. I wonder if I can score four?!
Posted by: mordaskyt

Re:3 lcds? - 10/11/05 10:13 AM

I see no reason why you can't run as many screens as you have video out jacks on the back if your computer. Three should be no problem. Personally my G5 at work has a Bondi Blue 21" cinema display as the main screen and the original 15" Bondi LCD as a secondary screen. Multiple monitors are SWEET!

What would really rule was if there were a way to fool the OS into thinking the screens were one large screen rather than several samll connected ones. Thats my fantasy anyway...

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Posted by: maestro

Re:3 lcds? - 10/11/05 10:48 AM

Ok, so 3 work, but 4 do not. Thats becasue the ati radeon pci i have doesnt support dual monitors. The 7000 being delivered this week does though. I will post back with my answer.
By the way, as you know I have a broken ankle still, I just crawled down a flight of stairs with an old Apple monitor in lap to test this out. Now thas a mad modder!
Posted by: destructospin

Re:3 lcds? - 10/11/05 11:40 AM

maestro, we applaud your bravery!
Posted by: soundmann18

Re:3 lcds? - 10/11/05 12:11 PM

well done sir, well done
Posted by: macDeviant

Re:3 lcds? - 10/11/05 12:37 PM

you'll shoot your eye out kid... laugh
Posted by: griffer

Re:3 lcds? - 10/11/05 12:40 PM

Hehe, know the feeling. You just HAD to do it laugh?
Looking forward to your 4 monitor setup, be sure to post some pictures.
Posted by: macDeviant

Re:3 lcds? - 10/11/05 12:47 PM

i'm pinching my pennies to get the pcmcia vid card from villiagetronics, three monitors from my powerbook, can't wait.

"1 penny, 2 penny, 3 penny.... .. ."
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: 3 lcds? - 12/30/08 06:27 PM

I've ran three monitors before on my B&W. Had the old stock video card with a PCI radeon 7000 64MB. In all I had three CRTs, one a 17inch and two old 15 inch monitors.

I'm planning to do it again when I get a new video card for my hackintosh, one 19inch LCD and two 19inch CRTs.
Posted by: KnifeLord

Re: 3 lcds? - 10/09/09 06:14 AM

Ooo, three, four monitors. I may have to add that into my deskputer. Did you take pics maestro?

Posted by: w2ed

Re: 3 lcds? - 12/15/09 06:45 AM

Here's one to blow your mind: 2 monitors (CRT's) + 1 TV! Still doing the TV thing and one monitor - no need or space for a second monitor (beyond the TV) right now.