850xt vs. 6800gt

Posted by: maestro

850xt vs. 6800gt - 07/29/05 10:36 AM

I am preparing to buy a new bto g5 and am torn on which video card to get. I dont play many
games but I want this mac to last well into the mactel transition. So, the 850xt and 6800gt
cost the same in bto. I know that the xt is faster at some games and such. I am going to be using
an LCD around 23-24." I have only owned atis in the past and they have been fine, but I know
that the 6800 cards kick some serious ass. Any thoughts are appreciated.
Posted by: burtman

Re:850xt vs. 6800gt - 07/29/05 11:25 AM

I've got a 6600GT in my PC and have been very happy with it, the main diffrence I have found between it and my freinds ATI x800 has been support in games for diffrent nifty (water /fire /smoke) effects, (ie doom3 was optimised for nvidia cards yet I think half life was optimised for ATi) I know thieir not quite the same, diffrent OS and cards ect. To be honest all that happens is that you loose some of the really spangly effects but every thing else works nicely. Its going to be a while, if ever before the mac gets these games thats not really the issue. I reackon that the main issue you have to think about is what monitors you are going to run off them if thiers any chance in the future that you will be running two 30" Cinema displays you need to go for the Nvidia, the ati wont do two 30", "only" a 30" and a 23". However the ATi only takes up the agp slot but the nvidia's heatsink overlaps one PCI slot, rendering it unuseable.

I'd say go with the ATi so that you have more room for expansion at a later date.
Posted by: maestro

Re:850xt vs. 6800gt - 07/29/05 01:29 PM

Yeah, the ati has a lot of benefits to it. I dont plan on even one thirty incher. I am looking
at Dells new 24" model. I would buy the Apple 23, but it costs a lot more. I just want to use
the large monitor with any apps I want without any slow down. I rarely play games on my macs
anyway. Thanks for the reply.