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Posted by: Eric

Display Mod Anybody - 04/23/05 11:28 PM

So, Apple's monitors are wicked expensive so I decided that it would bea good idea to just buy an ordinary LCD monitor and rip off the plastic casing and make a neater more Mac looking one.

Has anybody had any experience with taking apart LCDs?

Which one of these would end up looking neat? (and if you have any other ideas please share!)

http://img254.echo.cx/img254/7118/ideascopy1vk.jpg [/img]
Posted by: Eric

Re:Display Mod Anybody - 04/23/05 11:40 PM

I don't know how I managed to post two of the same topics but regardless, is there a way to delete one?
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Re:Display Mod Anybody - 04/23/05 11:52 PM

You clicked post twice... just ignore em, it happens the moderators will likely delete the less important one. Also I like both frames what is your applications for the LCD?

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Re:Display Mod Anybody - 04/24/05 09:13 AM

The metal base display may give you something that's just great to look at, though I would imagine the all acrylic display would be easier because it's just straight pieces.

/I took care of the double thread
Posted by: adam123

Re:Display Mod Anybody - 07/05/05 02:41 PM

I thought of buying a dell 2005fpw. Take it apart and use vinyl dye for all the black pieces to make them white, then replace the front fascia with acrylic painted accordingly. I attached an image of what I thought it would look like. What do you think, and how difficult would it be?

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Posted by: adam123

Re:Display Mod Anybody - 07/05/05 02:46 PM

had trouble with the image

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Posted by: destructospin

Re:Display Mod Anybody - 07/29/05 10:19 AM

those are awesome, i love the imac style display
if you could get the mic to work on it too, that'd be great
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Display Mod Anybody - 07/29/05 12:37 PM

I think all 3 displays pictured look great. I agree with whitlock though, the one in the first picture without the metal base would be easiest to make.
Posted by: modyourmac

Re:Display Mod Anybody - 07/29/05 03:41 PM

okay, so I like the metal base idea as well. If you can make friends with your local independent apple dealer, they might be able to rder the backplate from a G5 iMac for you. Course, then you gotta tear apart the stuffs to put the whole project together.

In terms of the 20" dell beast. I bought one, and use it in my 3 display setup. Its pretty well built, and my initial impression was that taking it apart would be a bit of a bitch. its got built in USB garbage, multiple ins and outs, all the ports are on the bottom, oh, and its got orientation hardware, so it'll know if you have it portrait or landscape. (yeah, it rotates)

So the dell one may not be the best pick for tearing apart. But thats my opinion. If you get an apple theme'd homebuilt display made, remember to post it, we'll all wanna see it!
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re:Display Mod Anybody - 07/29/05 06:02 PM

I like this idea, reminds me of a LCD mod I did a while back to a laptop. I had a laptop with a bad battery so I turn it into a desktop. I made the casing out of plexi-glass. A lot of people told me it was a Apple rip off lol. Too bad the damn thing broke into little peices when it fell off the desk and landed on a cement floor.

Heres a idea, instead of using a metal base why not use plexi-glass for the base. Heck if you can find some one that can cut you a deal get the metal inards powder coated white. That way the metal will look plastic and very macish.
Posted by: TJH

Re:Display Mod Anybody - 07/30/05 07:06 AM

I've gotta say I love the idea. The biggest thing for this mod is definitely going to be the LCD casing. I've taken apart plenty of LCDs in the past and it's really no biggie, especially if your just transplanting the whole chunk of innards. Just dying or bleaching or whatever has to be done to the dell shell would probably be easiest, then just adding the clear outer acrylic. If you have the tools etc. to make a whole case of your own that would definitely be the coolest as you could adhere more to apple design standards. Great idea by the way, displays are often ignored in modding. Can't wait to see this materialize.