iPod Shuffle Quality

Posted by: whitlock

iPod Shuffle Quality - 03/16/05 09:57 PM

I was doing my typical surfing and stumbled upon a link that pretty much says that the Shuffle's output quality can school any other popular MP3 player. Well, not basically, it does. This could be taken advantage of, especially if people use iPod's for music production one way or another, and will cause them to think twice about size / price.

Sorry in advance, i just think it's really cool.

Link :: http://home.comcast.net/~machrone/playertest/playertest.htm
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Re:iPod Shuffle Quality - 03/16/05 10:29 PM

simply amazing that the shuffle handles the frequencies that well. You would think that being that small it would not do so well. Pretty sweet. However, I am afraid that no one will ever use it for its capabilities in a powerful amplified environment. frown
Posted by: zenstate

Re:iPod Shuffle Quality - 03/16/05 11:31 PM

very very interesting. I have been impressed with my shuffles sound from the first moment I listened to it but I didn't know it was that good. I use sony dj headphones on mine and the bas shines through so well. I listen to a lot of reggae/dub and good bass performance is a must. praise the mighty shuffle.

thanks for the article.
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Re:iPod Shuffle Quality - 03/16/05 11:40 PM

I had a few Sony headphones/buds throughout the years and they treated me very well. I'm going to stray this time. Ordered a pair of Sennheiser MX550 ear buds from Circuit City. Should be a great deal.

MX550, almost sounds like a logitech mouse...

Corrected :: I said headphones, not ear buds earlier

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Posted by: maestro

Re:iPod Shuffle Quality - 03/17/05 09:17 AM

Thank you Apple. In a day of throw away electronics and the lowering of audio quality,
you come and make the crappy sounding mp3 (or aac) sound decent. Whitlock-good
choice, they make the best headphones in the world. My advice to anyone who loves
listening to music is to keep mp3 a portable media and never use it when you have access to CDs or LPs. Your ears will thank you for it. smile
Posted by: ubergeek89

Re:iPod Shuffle Quality - 03/17/05 12:21 PM

I happen to have a set of Sennheiser HD-457 headphones, andtheyb make any audio device sound amazing. But my god, when paired with a shuffle its bliss.
Posted by: burtman

Re:iPod Shuffle Quality - 03/17/05 02:54 PM

It'd definetly worth spending on the headphones, improoves the sound no end! I've bought a pair of Sony MDR-EX71SL to pair with my shuffel partly becuase they are white and match the shuffell nicely but also becuase they sound great, they have these little rubber gromits on the end which when rammed into your ears propley create a seal and improove the bass loads and also cuts our the rest of the worlds noise (have to watch out for traffic a bit more now though!) . They dont sound quite as nice as my full size pair of Beyer Dynamics DT331s but then thier a bit on the large size to wander around the streets with...
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Re:iPod Shuffle Quality - 03/17/05 08:55 PM

I'm stoked because they just shipped today @ 18:50. Can't wait!
Posted by: zenstate

Re:iPod Shuffle Quality - 03/18/05 01:11 AM

check out this headphone review:


I have these: http://www.sjgreatdeals.com/ymdrv150.html
not the greatest but for 30$ canadian i'm not complaining. great sound for the price.

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