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iSight Stand - 10/05/04 10:02 AM

In my search for a new isight stand I came across what I felt was a very unique idea. It is cheap and easy. Just wish that it was eye-level. It isn't exactly what I was looking for but hey, it may be for you!

Lets see some pics of your modded isight stands! laugh

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mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad

That is the worst idea ever! The iSight is $130 and its stuck on a .03 CD??!! One of the reasons its a bad idea is that I use mine on the stand and it doesn't ever fall over. I just leave the sticky tape on the bottom and it sits on top of my desk. Why stick it to a cd???

if you can't afford a sight flex, go to walmart and spend 9 bucks on a mini tripod and work something like this

But ideally, just get a sight flex from MacMice. It has no unsightly cables, matches color, and is endlessly adjustable.

The Sight Flex can be had for less than $30 at MegaMacs as found on Dealmac.,98555

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Re:iSight Stand - 10/06/04 12:01 AM

Wow, a CD for an iSight stand. I would have never thought about doing that...for obvious reasons. Well, I'm with krusher here and would get a mini tripod for that. But the flex is just plain sexy. If I used a webcam, I'd get that. Good find krusher. I'm pretty sure someone here will find an alternative use for that.
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Re:iSight Stand - 10/06/04 03:27 AM

thats the worst tripod mod I have ever seen, and in fact I saw that on google when you do a search for isight stand. Its ugly, ugly and ugly. O yea, did I mention that its ugly. Granted that the cd isn't the best alternative its basically free, and looks better than the tripod. I agree though, I just have mine, atm, sitting on the original stand, it looks better than a cd, but hey, it was a good idea. I do like the sighflex and I think that I might go that route, just not so sure about the 30 bucks for it.....hmmm.....I am trying to think of alternatives.....maybe duck tape! :P
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Re: iSight Stand - 10/06/08 01:26 AM

1st time I've heard of an iSight stand. Thanks for making this post so I can decide if this is something I would like to carry in one of my online stores.
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Re: iSight Stand - 05/03/10 02:49 PM

I have had manufactured a threaded steel disk that enables you to mount your iSight to a threaded tripod sled. You can affix the Apple plastic mount to the disk and the disk to the sled; or you can use the disk alone and attach the iSight magnetic base.

I have them for sale at eBay item 160404303393, with several photos of various configurations. Its brutally simple design affords many applications. And for those who care, I could have had them made in China for cheaper, but used a small Midwest machine shop instead.
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Re: iSight Stand - 05/04/10 03:41 AM

No too shabby...
Think you can add a bending arm to that?
I'm thinking maybe a double-elbow setup for fine-tuned flexibility, and rotation would be good, too.
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Re: iSight Stand - 05/18/10 04:30 PM

yeah, i have 2 iSight cameras and only 1 computer left that needs 1. but i have 2 Dell displays attached to it and i tape my iSight to the top and back of a display, but it inevitably falls off after a few weeks. i considered the Sight Flex, but it doesn't seem very stable. i'll have to read up on timmurray's Ebay solution. thanks.
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Sean hasn't logged on here since December.
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Ya.. but this thread was showing as not having been read yet...weird.