iPhone 2g MMS?

Posted by: TonimusMaximus

iPhone 2g MMS? - 10/24/09 11:43 PM

Allright. I know the 3G iPhones now support MMS. 2G owners however seem to be left in the dark. Does anyone know a workaround for an unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile's network? I can't find a darn thing. And all the "MMS" apps seem to be garbage. Thanks guys!
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: iPhone 2g MMS? - 11/20/09 02:58 AM

Sorry Tonimus, i've been looking into this and there isn't any native MMS for the 2G/Edge phones.

Odd thing is AT&T now supports MMS and I still don't even have it on my 3G phone.
Posted by: neil

Re: iPhone 2g MMS? - 11/20/09 11:03 PM

Why don't you have it on your 3G?
Posted by: Antonio

Re: iPhone 2g MMS? - 11/23/09 09:14 PM

You can hack a configuration file to get MMS up and running natively on the original iPhone, however, SwirlyMMS works quite well, and apparently now has a service to allow free messaging (I've not yet tried the free messaging, as I, like you, am using T-Mobile and have unlimited messaging anyhow).
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: iPhone 2g MMS? - 11/26/09 04:35 AM

Originally Posted By: neilticktin
Why don't you have it on your 3G?

I have no idea. I updated the phone to the latest firmware and everything. Oh well, I don't really need it since I don't have a text plan, I use GoogleVoice for that.