Cellphone coltrolling a mac

Posted by: TCPMeta

Cellphone coltrolling a mac - 09/24/08 02:58 PM

I remember when FrontRow first came out there were special drivers to let bluetooth enabled phones to be used as a apple remote. I have tried searching everywhere and no luck. Am I going insane or did this little mod never take off?
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Re: Cellphone coltrolling a mac - 09/24/08 08:36 PM

salling clicker...

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Re: Cellphone coltrolling a mac - 09/25/08 02:14 PM

Darn, my phone isn't compatible with it.
Posted by: RadioC1ash

Re: Cellphone coltrolling a mac - 09/26/08 05:26 PM

I've used several Erickson models with Tiger. The have a bluetooth input device built into them. You can select any of a few modes, like presenter, mouse and so on. Once you pair the phone with your mac and turn on one of those modes, the keyboard setup wizard comes up. you just close it out and you're ready to go. Its really neat, you can use the directional buttons to control the mouse and everything. It also works with Front Row. In fact, until I found my keyspan remote I used a w600ito control a powerbook I was using as a media center. I guess what I'm getting at is, depending on the phone, it might have the ability built in. No need for additional software.