USB Keychain?

Posted by: macDeviant

USB Keychain? - 07/25/07 06:00 PM

Okay, after taking apart three imac keyboards to make one good one, i cut off the USB cables thinking i could use them for something. One "hangmans knot" and a harddrive platter spacer later and i have success. I did two from keyboard calbes, one from a broken pro-mouse and an ethernet cable

Total Techno Geekery  ;D
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Re: USB Keychain? - 07/25/07 06:28 PM

Cool, thats über geeky :~)
Posted by: vaguelyclear

Re: USB Keychain? - 07/26/07 07:41 AM

Neeeeet! I'll take two. If you can make one out of an old-style IDE cable, I'll give you a cookie.
Posted by: macDeviant

Re: USB Keychain? - 07/26/07 06:17 PM

i have actually thought about selling them on fleeBay or something to that effect. and IDE while can be done would be much too bulky...

But i like the cookie...
Posted by: vvxiao

USB Flash Memory Key chain/ ring - 10/26/07 01:53 AM

Look at these 3 pics USB Flash Memory Key chain/ ring, ur opinions? more useful and convient?

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Re: USB Keychain? - 10/26/07 06:13 AM

useful? convenient?...

that's not really the modding spirit :-)

like the tags (you must have been a boy scout)
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Re: USB Keychain? - 10/31/07 12:06 PM

Taking a look at these, I thought I should share some pictures of the bracelet I made for myself after cutting up a USB cable...

It's a USB type B, which is big enough for the snipped end of the cable to fit inside snugly ^_^