Help with Griffin iTrip

Posted by: jimbo991

Help with Griffin iTrip - 02/07/07 07:14 AM

Hey everyone,  I've got a Griffin iTrip Mini and I accidentally pulled it too hard out of the ipod and some of the wires pulled off the leads on the connector piece.  The board is completely intact and all I have to do is re-solder the connections but I can't find any schematic or pictures to solder the wires back to their correct places.  If anyone could direct me to a site with this info or post some pictures/schematic etc, I'd really appreciate it.  BTW, if you don't know what the ipod mini looks like, here it is on Amazon.
Posted by: BOM

Re: Help with Griffin iTrip - 02/10/07 10:43 AM

Not sure if this will help but I've played with the larger version of the iTrip. You can check out my schematics for this at I found that the connections could be deduced from the circuit board layout.

good luck.
Posted by: llh11456

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