Formac 17" TFT ADC Display

Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Formac 17" TFT ADC Display - 03/06/06 11:05 PM

Not a mod as such, more a repair.

I picked this thing up for free. No cracks in the panel, so I figured I might get it running.

When I plugged it into a DA G4, the thing was utterly dead. Wouldn't even try and boot. Brief flash behind the displays power button. I took it apart to check for loose connections, nothing obviously damaged.
Tried it again with a G4MDD same thing. The power button would not even light up when pressed with the display connected. In the MDD, I noticed that something started to make a regular ticking noise in or near the front panel board when pressing power with the display plugged in. Had to unplug the power to stop it.

Any thoughts on how I can get this thing working?
Anyone know where to get parts for one of these?
Posted by: whitlock

Formac 17" TFT ADC Display - 03/07/06 03:40 AM

Try turning it on in a dark room and see if any picture comes through for that brief flash. You can also try a flashlight on it (the opposite of course). Something to test if a picture is coming through. It could be something as simple as the display inverter, though I never remembered hearing "clicks" when I've dealt with them in the past.

Since it does power on for a brief second, that does provide some hope. Tell us what you find out!
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Formac 17" TFT ADC Display - 03/07/06 07:33 AM

Doubt I'd get any picture for the brief 'flash'. Since the G4(s) won't even try and boot.

I'm guessing the issue is one of power. The clicking sounds like a spark or maybe a switch or relay of some sort. Like something is misfiring.