trinitron brightness fix

Posted by: soundmann18

trinitron brightness fix - 01/26/06 05:38 AM

Hey- I thought I should pass this on, just did it with my 21" and now the screen looks great and it was really simple to do. If you have a trinitron monitor that has gotten really bright over time, this is a solution. I would add that if you follow the directions here but want a bit cleaner finish, if you pull out the old resistor and replace it with your new one, it is definitly easiest to solder it if you pull the legs thru from the bottom and bend them over to re-solder, instead of placing the resistor on top - check the link and you'll understand what i mean.

Trinitron screen brightness fix
Posted by: JediJoker7169

Re:trinitron brightness fix - 01/26/06 06:50 AM

Do you think it would work for a Trinitron TV?
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Re:trinitron brightness fix - 01/26/06 02:22 PM

I wouldnt do that with a tv. Although both are crt they are probably different electrically.
I would like to see this as a mod guide.

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Re:trinitron brightness fix - 01/26/06 06:13 PM

interestingly, both Apple and Dell used Trinitron CRTs in their monitors for a while... I'm at work right now and I have an old 17" Studio CRT on my G5, and these use the Sony Trinitron. I guess the 17"s are tecnically DiamondTron, so I'm not sure if there's a difference.

Either way, my Dell at home is a Trinitron, and the Apple CRTs that match the old G4 towers are Sony tubes as well.

Its surprising how many manufacturers use Trinitrons in their monitors, but easy to tell. There are two lines running horizontally across the display - about 1/4 of the way from the top and 1/4 from the bottom.

Once I saw these, I saw them every time I sat down at one, so I started noticing them on what seemed like every PC in our computer labs...
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Re:trinitron brightness fix - 01/26/06 07:48 PM

yeah, those things are kind of annoying, but it is a pretty nice monitor- I'm at 1920x1440 which was sweet for paper writing at the end of last term - i could have 4 webpages open on that screen with word on the pb's screen. I can't imagine life before i used dual monitors
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Re:trinitron brightness fix - 01/27/06 01:03 AM

I've never noticed those lines, but in terms of picture quality, I haven't found anything that beats a Trinitron. The TV that my parents got as a wedding present was a Trintron, and I haven't seen a better picture than what it had anywhere. Hands down.
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trinitron brightness fix - 02/13/06 07:53 PM

After a little while of using this fixed monitor, I thought I should add in my results.

The only problems are that now the brightness control works backwards. Not really sure why, but the highest brightness gives me a dark monitor, so I have the control around 80% and it looks good. Also, the computer no longer recognizes it as a Trinitron, so sometimes when I plug it in, it goes to default settings for a VGA monitor, which are apparently 800x600 mirrored display