Apple Bluetooth Mouse

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Apple Bluetooth Mouse - 08/30/05 02:47 PM

Hey everyone -

I've been reading stuff here for awhile, but this is my first topic.

I've been messing with my mouse going for changing colors of the led, I have successfully done it to a Kensington USB mouse, and am now working on my Bluetooth mouse. I've taken it all apart, but unfortunately the only way to get the led out was to cut its leads, so I didn't get a chance to look at which way it was attached. Can anyone tell me if the led "points" to the white or black dot? (there's no other indication on the circuit board)

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Re:Apple Bluetooth Mouse - 08/30/05 03:49 PM

nevermind, i found that the circle trace around the led had a flat edge as did the led, so i put it in that way, and to make a long story short, i am now using my mouse again. To be honest, i was pretty surprised when it started working. If any one wants i can try to post a bit of a guide, but mouse color change is sort of common.
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Re:Apple Bluetooth Mouse - 08/30/05 04:13 PM

still a cool mod soundman, post up a mod guide for others that want to do the same thing but don't know where to start.
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Re:Apple Bluetooth Mouse - 08/30/05 04:41 PM

Yes, definately a guide. I know my mouse could use a little colour!
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Re:Apple Bluetooth Mouse - 08/30/05 07:13 PM

Alright, I'll get on that as soon as I get some batteries for my camera.

On a related topic, when I did this to my USB mouse, i added another led to make it glow some, but then it started tracking really terribly, so i took out the second light and put it straight into the usb plug and now it works a lot better. So I wasn't going to add another led to the bluetooth, but i want to, anyone know a place where i can draw some power from without taking it from the led?
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Re:Apple Bluetooth Mouse - 10/07/05 07:11 PM

If anyone was thinking of doing my lighting mod on the BT mouse, I just got a mulit-meter to it today and found the correct pins, so I've updated the guide

I should also mention that I got the multi meter from Futurlec. They have some pretty good products for great prices. I got some blue LED's from them for 40 cents that are the same as the $5 LED's I got from Radio Shack.

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Re:Apple Bluetooth Mouse - 10/07/05 11:46 PM

You probably answered this earlier, but i didn't see it in your guide. What did you do to the mouse to get that last pic where all of it is glowing. I know, it's a very stupid question.
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Re:Apple Bluetooth Mouse - 10/08/05 05:14 AM

i Really want to do the same thing with my Microsoft wireless optical 2.0 its blue so i want a blue LED, if anyones done this please contact me as id be interested smile

also does anyone know if boosting the signal on a wirelss mouse is possible?
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Re:Apple Bluetooth Mouse - 10/08/05 08:58 AM

I just took a grinding bit from a dremmel to the white plastic. It was cool except that the LED flickers when not in use, so now I found this connection so It's always a solid glow. Much better.

If you do it, be sure to be careful around the hinge, clicker and spring pegs.