modded pda

Posted by: maestro

modded pda - 06/05/05 12:41 PM

Heres some pics of my recently modded pda. Its a Palm that I painted to match my G4 mdd and monitors.
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Re:modded pda - 06/05/05 12:43 PM

Heres a pic of the base.
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Re:modded pda - 06/05/05 01:45 PM

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Re:modded pda - 06/05/05 02:24 PM

wow, that looks really good maestro, good job. I especially like the base unit.
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Re:modded pda - 06/05/05 03:10 PM

Yea, it almost looks like something apple could have made smile
Really nice finish, what paint did you use?

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Re:modded pda - 06/05/05 08:56 PM

Thanks. I still have some things to do on it yet. The paint was a high gloss white and chrome
(unfortunately its impossible to but chrome in a can, so its silver). I dont recall the brand but
I used a "plastic" primer and it has about 6 coats on it to keep the scratches off, hopefully.
Now if I could just get my printer to match. wink