help me with wireless

Posted by: maestro

help me with wireless - 05/19/05 05:26 PM

Okay, I bought a Belkin router (mac compat.) and a linksys pci wmp54g wireless adaptor today.
I know the Pci card is not for Mac. I do know I can fix that though. Any ideas? I am trying
orangeware now, but its not listed. I need help! This could be an article....if I can get
it going. Thanks
By the way I am listening to the NIN right now and it kicks ass!
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Re:help me with wireless - 05/19/05 08:04 PM

Other than OrangeWare, I couldn't tell you. I have had good luck with it in the past, though have not tried it on a 10.4 system yet.
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Re:help me with wireless - 05/19/05 08:16 PM

Thanks withlock. I guess I bought stuff on a whim. It was fun to try to get it to work. Anyway,
I am exchanging the PCI card for something on orangewares list. I am still on 10.3.9. Now I have
this rounter. I want to use the router to share a connection with a neighbor. I dont know
how to go about that. Any thoughts.
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Re:help me with wireless - 05/19/05 10:17 PM

Need to know what Belkin router you purchased to help you out on that one.
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Re:help me with wireless - 05/20/05 12:13 PM

Okay, I exchanged the linksys card for a Dlink on orangwares list. I am at work though and cannot test it or get my router info. I wont be able to post again until Sunday.
Wish me luck.
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Re:help me with wireless - 05/21/05 06:48 PM

Okay, I bought the Dlink and I am up and running with orangeares driver. Now I honestly dont
know what to do. I tried to use macstumbler, but it says I have no airport which is true, but
what the hell is up with that. Also I have tried searching for wifi signals with no luck. I have
only the stock antenna but I plan to fix that. I just dont know how to setup the network
preferences. Whitllock Im hoping you can help me on this. Anyone else feel free to chim in.
Im a wireless noobie and would like to get it running.
-maestro :huh: :woohoo:
Posted by: burtman

Re:help me with wireless - 05/22/05 09:11 AM

Can you search for the wirless network from within the orangeware control pannel within system preferances? The search for network button is on the network settings tab.
Once you have found a network and set it up within their you will have to set up any TCP/IP settings within the normal Apple Network connections.

have you done anything to your router just yet? or just simply plugged it in and turned it on?
Posted by: whitlock

Re:help me with wireless - 05/22/05 02:21 PM

Enable the Card (eth1 or eth2) in the Network Panel and set it to DHCP. Go into the OrangeWare Panel and find networks in there.

"Other than the obvious features, the preference pane that is included is quite powerful. It allows for all of the mentioned features to be controlled, and can also display the wireless signal. A downside to the preference pane is that the program cannot mimic the Airport's wireless signal indicator, so checking the signal is a more involved task. "
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Re:help me with wireless - 05/22/05 05:45 PM

I have searched for the network. I have sharing on and appletalk active. It cant find the router.
I have even typed the routers address. Both are set up to connect through the wireless stuff.
I know it something easy but its just not working. I will try what you said whitlock.
Thanks, im starting to get frustrated.

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Re:help me with wireless - 05/23/05 07:47 AM

Well after a long fought battle, I have decided that wifi just isnt needed yet. I am going
to wire up the house for a network next weekend. I will reenter the wifi arena when
I get a laptop. Thanks for everyones help.

Well it didnt take long. I had the router wired up to the mdd g4, b/w g3 and the imusic server
in less than 2 hrs. It works great. Again thanks for everyones help.

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