help in modding a mouse internals

Posted by: tripdragon

help in modding a mouse internals - 03/01/05 06:50 PM

I need to find out how to mod a mouse click.

Example I want to know how the click of the mouse works.. electritity? Pressure? so forth... I want to then map this click out onto a wire so I can rig a two finger devise that lets me press my thumb and index finger together.

This is just so I can find out how to make the item as then I plan to mod a gyro mouse or something else to make gloves and stuff.... Please help..
I am looking for documents pdfs websites anything that will let me learn this stuff, besides college :P
Posted by: maestro

Re:help in modding a mouse internals - 03/01/05 10:01 PM

Cool idea man. It just clicks mechanically to let you that it recieved you command. You
would need to make button contacts that could attach to your fingers. Really it would be
pretty easy. Good luck finding instrucitons though. Make your own and post them on this
site-someone always has to the first. :side:
Posted by: whitlock

Re:help in modding a mouse internals - 03/02/05 02:30 AM

It's a simple trigger...the actual 'clicker'. It presses down and makes contact, completing a circuit. You could make it "click" by just touching two wires together, as long as they are attatched to the same points in the controller.

Your on the right path, finish with your idea.
Posted by: tripdragon

Re:help in modding a mouse internals - 03/26/05 08:18 PM

Hey I know this topic is old but I finally got to hacking another mouse. I fould the cclicker devise but it is soldered onto the circuit board. How can I get it off of the circuit board ????
Posted by: whitlock

Re:help in modding a mouse internals - 03/26/05 08:24 PM

You use a soldering iron and de-solder it.
Posted by: TJH

Re:help in modding a mouse internals - 03/27/05 03:11 PM

Love the idea, if I get some free time I may try it myself as I'm in a road block for a few of my other projects.

One question though. What was the use you were looking to get out of this? Anything practical or is it just for fun? certainly is a cool idea though.
Posted by: TJH

Re:help in modding a mouse internals - 03/27/05 04:53 PM

Well, I tried it on a 6 year old Logitech wheel mouse, not a gyro. But the problem was that there are actually 3 wires for each switch, on this mouse at least. I'm no electrician so I'm not sure what the 3rd wire is for, but I'll play around with different configurations with it and see if it will still work with just the two contacts.

Also not sure if you've thought about it, but what were you planning on doing with the fairly large circuit board? Or are you using one of those mini mice which would be tiny?
Posted by: TJH

Re:help in modding a mouse internals - 03/27/05 07:05 PM

It turns out that only two of the wires for each switch are needed, the third was just to make the click. It was working well until I broke the PS/2 connector on the circuit board.

This seems to be more of what you were thinking right? (

That would be awesome to put in a glove sort-of configuration, but it is waay above any cost ceiling for me. Probably cheaper ways to do it, that was just the first thing that came up. Definitely post more details tripdragon, love to see how this turns out.
Posted by: tripdragon

Re:help in modding a mouse internals - 03/30/05 08:28 AM

Oh dude sweet!,, but ya beat me to the punch frown :P

Well the idea is to make a pen that can draw anywhere and still control the mouse ... The only thing I have seen like that is that uber expensive fat pen somewhere but they dont control the mouse cursor it just downloads the dats instead..

Also a sudo glove divise..And other stuff... But now I HAVe to go and get the sodder stuff to ! laugh Keep me posted if you go further with the project to please
Posted by: TJH

Re:help in modding a mouse internals - 03/30/05 06:08 PM

As far as the pen idea goes you could get a cheap wireless "mini" mouse, the ones for laptops which barely fit the palm of your hand, and add wires from the circuit board to your own buttons on the side of the mouse. Although I'm not sure how you would hide the circuit board itself. Anyone know if you can warm the board a bit and bend it or anything? Otherwise you would end up with a nice slick little pen with a huge oval circuit board attached to it. :S Maybe use a small RF remote control with only a few buttons and mod that.. Of course keeping it controlling the mouse would then be a problem. Without being able to mold or reshape the circuit board it'd be pretty clumsy, and to keep it controlling the mouse the optical sensor would have to be moved to the bottom. (Not sure if you can add extension wires to that as I used a ball mouse to play around with.)

Not too sure about the glove. A cool idea I thought of was to maybe use something along the lines of an accelerometer, like the ones in the new Powerbooks, to sense movement, sort of like the gyroscope mouses but smaller. Not sure how big the accelerometer actually is in the powerbooks though. Implementation of that would probably be way out of reach unless you were a pretty hardcore programmer/engineer. Some people might be able to help you out though.

Just some ideas. wink

Sorry for the long post.
Posted by: ubergeek89

Re:help in modding a mouse internals - 03/30/05 06:31 PM

I would have to say go to circuit city or best buy and buy a fully functional combination gyroscopic/optical mouse for $70 and not worry about this stuff.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:help in modding a mouse internals - 03/30/05 07:07 PM

But figuring out how to do it yourself is the most fun wink