AP express

Posted by: MasMas

AP express - 10/30/04 07:17 PM

hey i have an airport express but i was kind of disapointed with the range so i am wondering if you can add an external antenna to increase its range, i cant really figure out how to open it since there are no screw holes.

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Re:AP express - 10/31/04 01:47 AM

wow, you may be the first on this mod. I think that people usually get more than one base station in order to increase range. But, I am sure that this is possible. The AP extreme is probably put together with some sort of snapping mechanism. **I do not know** but I would think that you could probably pry it open with a small flat head screw driver. Again, **I do not know** but that would be my guess as to how to open it. If you do get it open and attempt this mod, please take plenty of pics for everyone and make a mod guide for the site! Best of luck, and keep us informed. B)
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Re:AP express - 11/01/04 01:28 AM

I have seen a take apart of the APX

I'll post itup as soon as I find it. It is much different that past airports (which used a PCMCIA Lucent 802.11 B/G card). Those cards had built in antenna plugs which made adding them very easy. the new one is more like the AP cards apple sells today. Just a small logic board.
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Re:AP express - 11/01/04 07:07 PM

i found some pics on the opened airport express here:


looking at the edges it looks like the guy used a saw or somethin to open it

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Posted by: krusher117

Re:AP express - 11/01/04 09:18 PM

That was the gallery I was looking for! Good job masmas
Posted by: MasMas

Re:AP express - 11/01/04 11:34 PM

So anybody has any idea how to attach an external antena to the APX once you got it opened?

Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:AP express - 11/02/04 12:03 AM

wow, thats a nasty take apart. I am thinking that the aiport card/module is located beneath that silver plate on the left hand side in this picture.

If you can remove this cover it may reveal a little more information. You need to find the stock antenna on the APx and splice into it. I am betting that there is no plug for an external. Keep us informed. If you take it apart, please be sure and take plenty of pics for everyone to see.

Best of Luck! :y32b4:

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