External to Internal Firewire Drives

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External to Internal Firewire Drives - 10/03/04 12:37 AM

I had an old ADS Pyro Drive Kit laying around and felt like working it in to one of my mods. My current mod is a cube picture frame mix: http://www.macmod.com/component/option,com_simpleboard/Itemid,29/func,view/id,1386/catid,11/

Well, I'm trying to combine the two. As the ADS firewire kit has an Oxford 911 chip in it, which can supposedly run two drives. I have a few questions:

Is a 12V 1.8A powersupply enough to power two drives? If not is it possible to mod a mini-ATX or other PS to power the drives and still use the Oxford 911 to run the drives?

Anyone know where to get a circuit chart for this? I can figure out most of the connections, but a few are really confusing me, and I'm gonna have to rewire most of this.

The idea for this is to place it inside the cube and thus make it functional as storage rather than just pictures. Thanks, TJH
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Re:External to Internal Firewire Drives - 10/03/04 09:45 AM

HAHA those sneaky ADS techs. After a few hours of checking around, I realized that it was not a limitation of the chip, but rather the settings. And after even more scrounging around I was able to get a config changer to turn on the slave device (apparently the ADS techs didn't want customers to be able to have two drives). There is still the limitation that I can't have a CD-Rom and HD at the same time, because of the power limitation, but two HDs work flawlessly. Most likely will incorporate this into my previous mentioned mod, but may just do a perif mod and do new casing to accommodate the now available dual drives, either way it will be a while as I'm so busy right now.

Happy modding!

P.S. If anyone wants details on this mod to do to their ADS or Oxford 911 chipset that is limited to one drive drop me an email and I'll try to get it together sooner.
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Re:External to Internal Firewire Drives - 10/03/04 10:14 PM

I believe that counts as a peripheral mod. You should post what you did, and pictures if you can. Good work TJH!!!
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Make your own IDE wall power adapter? - 01/29/05 09:46 AM

It seems that the stress of two drives was too much for this setup. The power supply died not long after running both drives on one, but I've just gotten back around to this. So I have a few questions about running drives from a wall adapter:

For hard drives the molex setup is 12V, Gnd, Gnd, 5V. Is the 5V needed? If not a normal "wall wart" 12V would do?

But if all those are needed would you have to use both a 12V and a 5V adapter and wire it up separately?

Or what other options are there for a setup to power drives separately from an enclosure?

Very much appreciated.

Edit: From looking at this (http://www.xoxide.com/miposunocone.html) I'm assuming that a simple 12V would work. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks again.

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Re:Make your own IDE wall power adapter? - 01/29/05 10:58 AM

If you're really lazy, you can pick up an old AT power supply to hook up wink
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Re:Make your own IDE wall power adapter? - 01/31/05 03:59 PM

Thanks for the idea! I was able to jimmy-rig an old (85W maybe, not sure) ATX power supply, using a bit of wire and a light switch wink

Unfortunately this solution is pretty bulky. And I'm making a new double case out of plexi so the smaller the better. Was thinking of getting a mini-ATX PS. But before I do that wondering if you have any other ideas, as that would be sorta overkill for two drives.
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Re:Make your own IDE wall power adapter? - 01/31/05 10:22 PM

Posssibly take a cheap external drive cabinet's power, add a Y-adaptor, and see if that will power it. Way smaller if you retrofit the board into something more appealing. Just a thought, but micro-ATX may prove easier depending on what you are doing.
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Mod Power Supply - 02/04/05 08:50 PM

Any way to cut down on the size of an old ATX PS? Trying to keep this as low cost as possible, but after taking it apart I'm not seeing many options. I'll post some pics of what I'm talking about.

Maybe mounting this on the back of it, with firewire connections on the side. Don't know about airflow then though. Is it even worth it?

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Re:Mod Power Supply - 02/04/05 09:07 PM

Dimensions are roughly 5.5" by 5.5" with a height of 3"

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