DDR Pad Mod

Posted by: krusher117

DDR Pad Mod - 06/25/04 08:35 PM

Tutangeek (aka Jonathan) I'm a big DDR person. I grew up in Taiwan so I''ve been on DDR since it first came out when I was in 5th grade or something. Anyways, I love the pad. Does it work? I've used the foam ones and they aren't half bad, but nothing comes close to the arcade experience. Does the wooden one on your site work well?
Posted by: TutAnGeek

Re:DDR Pad Mod - 06/26/04 01:31 PM

Yeah. It rocks :-D
I like the wood actually, it's not as cold (since I leave it sitting in my basement, and play barefoot) as sheet metal. Obviously I sanded it down nice, and it's very smooth. The only thing that I should have done was drill the buttons in, since they slide a bit now, but that's easy to do, the brackets have screw holes, in fact, they came wiht screws. I just need to make sure that it wouldn't be interfering with the electronics to shove in a couple of countersunk screws.