iCrazyDog 1.0 released for iPhone and iPod touch

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iCrazyDog 1.0 released for iPhone and iPod touch - 10/08/09 02:55 PM

iCrazyDog is an easy-to-play game with beautiful graphics and animations.

If you are looking for something more challenging and non-repetitive iPhone Games, !CrazyDog gives you the feeling of accomplishment after being able to complete the adventure. 

This game is interesting and can be addicting.
This is a simple yet extremely fun game to play. It provides simple controls

The game aim is to collect maximum points by collecting different kinds of bones and avoiding obstacles on his way.The levels also get more difficult as the level increases.

Language Support:
* U.S. English

Minimum Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod Touch 2.2.1 or later

Pricing and Availability:
iCrazyDog 1.0 for iPhone is only $0.99 and available worldwide exclusively
through the App Store. 

iCrazyDog: http://www.iphoneapp4fun.com/Apps/iCrazyDog/
Download : http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=333187138&mt=8

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Re: iCrazyDog 1.0 released for iPhone and iPod touch - 10/09/09 05:58 AM

Please see my post where you also added this ad. I would love to see a good write-up of it in our mod-guides but this ad is just annoying.