Revitalizing A Broken 3G iPod

Posted by: JediJoker7169

Revitalizing A Broken 3G iPod - 01/24/07 08:52 PM

For a while now, my 20GB 3G iPod has been broken, for the most part.  It will start up, but won't play any music.  It seems to be a hard drive problem (what else would it be?) and it is worth noting that it has seen many falls and has at least one "scar" to prove it.  It seems, however, that the problem was brought on by using SendStation's FireWire PocketDock in combination with Apple's original 1G iPod FireWire cable to charge the iPod.  I believe this was confirmed when a fellow 3G iPod owner reported similar initial symptoms after he used my charger and cable (w/adapter).  I first believed that it was the charger, but was able (I think) to trace it down to the cable.  Is a problem like this reversible?  Can the HD be repaired?  Or will it need to be replaced?

If it does indeed need replacing, I'm thinking that I might want to replace the innards with those from a 4G color iPod.  It would be really cool to have the 3G touch interface with the 4G color OS and capabilities.  Could the control electronics be adapted to work with the 3G faceplate?
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Re: Revitalizing A Broken 3G iPod - 01/30/07 05:29 AM

Does no one have an opinion or some advice on this?
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Re: Revitalizing A Broken 3G iPod - 01/30/07 09:38 PM

I have never taken a 3G apart. Don't get to play with too many iPods. So , no idea I'm afraid.

Yes, I know. That was really helpful.

I will offer this: Hard drives are not worth repairing. If you want to fix one by swapping out parts, you need not only the same make, model and size, but for some parts even the factory, batch and firmware must be matched too. And anything mechanical must be done in a clean room or you will destroy your platters in no time.

As for mixing and matching iPod parts, you might well get away with a different drive, but I have no idea about things like click/scroll wheels and the various cables and connectors used. I would expect a fair amount of incompatability though.
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Re: Revitalizing A Broken 3G iPod - 01/30/07 11:02 PM

I don't know if this helps at all, but here are a few pictures from the innards of my 4g, non color.  So I don't even know if this will be the same as the color, but it might be.  The connector to the click wheel is in the bottom right if you were looking at the iPod from the front, is about 5/32s of an inch, maybe more like 11/64ths and has 8 connections.  I don't know what pin does what ... but if the connection on your 3g is the same dimensions, maybe they didn't change anything.  If you decide to go through with it, good luck.
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Re: Revitalizing A Broken 3G iPod - 01/31/07 03:26 AM

Many thanks.  With any luck, I can put this new knowledge and advice to good use.