Ipod obd

Posted by: Telly

Ipod obd - 12/29/06 12:27 PM

So I have a 3rd gen iPod that I plan on installing linux on and my idea is to remove the front faceplate and graft it into a space on my dashboard. I have a 91 buick regal that is an eyesore, but I was thinking about trying to take it a step further and telling the ipod to talk to the car using a linux based obd protocol, thus i could display info such as rpm temperature, etc. If anyone could help me please drop me a line.
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Ipod obd - 01/02/07 03:02 AM

Kinda hard to do the ODB on a iPod. Most OBD to computer setups use a special laplink box via Serial or USB. Might have better luck with a PalmPilot or a older laptop.
Posted by: Telly

Re: Ipod obd - 01/18/07 03:15 AM

I'm pretty sure they make some sort of program for palm, but I just like the idea of doing it for the ipod, i'm really only interested in mode $01 information so that i can novelty display information from the pcm. It might be a better idea to go with obd2 if it takes that much effort.