iPod Clickwheel Replacement

Posted by: soundmann18

iPod Clickwheel Replacement - 06/28/06 01:06 AM

My clickwheel stopped working the other day (4th Gen, not color). It started out with not recognizing touch, but still being able to click, but then it stopped clicking too. So I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can buy a replacement click wheel and assembly from. Also, if you have any killer mod ideas for me to try while it's cracked open let me know.
Posted by: modyourmac

iPod Clickwheel Replacement - 06/28/06 02:55 AM

you might contact the people at ipodmods.com. see if their front bezel assembly comes with the click wheel. If it doesnt, they might know where to source one for you.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

iPod Clickwheel Replacement - 06/28/06 06:26 AM

I have a mini with no click wheel functionality. The wheel is fine, but its connector has come off the logic board. Might be worth a look befoe you buy parts. Unless you looked already.
Posted by: whitlock

iPod Clickwheel Replacement - 06/28/06 04:56 PM

War makes a good point, as most iPod issues can be traced back to loose connectors. I'd check that if you have not done it already and unplug the battery for a bit. Maybe it just needs a good rest :bat:
Posted by: soundmann18

iPod Clickwheel Replacement - 07/07/06 02:36 AM

I got one from wholesalePDAs.com, hopefully it will work. I had already cracked it open to see if there was any loose stuff, but there wasn't. I went ahead and got the inline remote aswell, so if it doesn't work, hopefully i can use that until i decide I need a new one. Unfortunately, they needed a confirmed address to ship too, and I'm in Alaska for the summer, so I had to ship it to my house, now I have to wait for my mom to ship it up here.