ipod 4th gen Hard drive

Posted by: blackdragon

ipod 4th gen Hard drive - 03/06/06 08:29 PM

Is it possible to buy any old laptop drive((1.8 i think?)) for a ipod 4th gen. do you have to buy the stock apple part? can you get around not buying it by running podlinux. or someother way? i have another ipod thats a ibrick because the hard drives dead and if i could use a normal hard drive((i have loads)) id be happy.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

ipod 4th gen Hard drive - 03/06/06 10:57 PM

People have used full size desktpo ATA drives with iPods. You just need to map the pins correctly.
Posted by: blackdragon

laptop drive - 03/06/06 11:17 PM

i have a drive i think would fit like normal but would the ipod run with stock software or would i have to mod it with podlinux ect ect.