clear ipod mod

Posted by: clarkbar6

clear ipod mod - 11/03/05 05:58 PM

i have seen a couple of mod guides on this site making clear things: clear airport extreme, clear mac g3. they use really hard core rubbing alcohol or something. i was just thinking, is the airport extreme and such made out of the same as the body of the ipod? if so, would this be a possible mod? i was just thinking because im gonna have to replace the battery of a 3rd gen, thought i would try something cool while i have it open.
Posted by: destructospin

Re:clear ipod mod - 11/03/05 06:25 PM

not gonna happen
unless you make your own top cover out of acrylic
ive taken mine apart
yes, the top shell is clear
the inside that is glued into it and clips to the metal backing
is white plastic
im not saying it's impossible
im just saying you'd have to make an entirely new front cover