iPod mini fun

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iPod mini fun - 10/15/05 12:51 AM

This isn't exactly a mod...this was more of a learning experiance. My friend's iPod mini died, so she gave it to me to fix. I found out that the hard drive was "rattly", aka ****** to death. So she let me have it to play with wink So I took that puppy apart, and it was really **** fun. Here is the results of what I did. So accually, I have almost every part I need to keep my iPod mini running for a while, excluding a hard drive.


Enjoy if you've never seen iPod guts B)

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Re:iPod mini fun - 10/15/05 02:32 AM

if it's just the harddrive that's buggered, look for one on sleezebay. also i think they are the same pin out as compact flash, stories of ppl useing them in their digi camera come to mind. if you have a compact flash card laying around, put the adapter from the hdd on it and see if it will work, you may have to google for ways to get it to accept the flash card.

try these three links for help:

i know the last one doesn't have anything to do with the mini, but it might still be of help.

keep us posted if you do try anything

deviant :woohoo:
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Re:iPod mini fun - 10/15/05 07:20 AM

Take the 200gb iPod Nano idea! (The recent tease) Can that little adaptor that goes from the Micro-drive to the iPod circuit board be turned into either a 44 pin mini ide or a standard 40 pin ide? There are compact flash adaptors that do this. Build the ipod into the front of an external hard drive case and you'll have a 100gb+ stand alone music server for under $100.

I can't seem to google a Female to Female compact flash adaptor but it seems tome thats all thats missing. You could allways just use wires. The challange will be power for the iPod. The hard drive can take its power from the external case like normal, but what voltage does the iPod need? Keep in mind that the adaptor is being used backwards, so to speak. The iPod will be SENDING power to the 4 power pins on the side of the adaptor, should be OK just don't plug anything into them!

This would rock!

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Re:iPod mini fun - 10/15/05 09:07 AM

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Not that I dont love profanity myself, we just need to choose to use it carefully. wink
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Re:iPod mini fun - 10/15/05 01:54 PM

you know if the motherboard of my 1st gen ipod wasn't fryied i would be all up in that bigger harddrive idea :S and i just don't have the guts to rip apart my still infant ipod photo


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Re:iPod mini fun - 10/15/05 08:47 PM

The main reason we can't seem to locate the proper adapter is the same reason the guy who made the Mac Mini server couldn't locate an adapter to use 3.5" drives with a 2.5" connector: you can't normally fit that size drive into the space. The world doesn't expect us to hack, so they make it harder because we're a minority.
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Re:iPod mini fun - 10/19/05 02:17 PM

Haha, sorry about the language.

But anyways...the day after taking it apart, I was looking at the HD and playing around with it, and got out a CF card reader, and...well...

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Re:iPod mini fun - 10/19/05 04:36 PM

your joking! Could you read what was on the ipod mini card??
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Re:iPod mini fun - 10/19/05 07:19 PM

well don't leave us in suspense