5G (Photo) Guts in a 3G iPod?

Posted by: JediJoker7169

5G (Photo) Guts in a 3G iPod? - 08/18/05 11:40 PM

Can this be done? Is the hardware backwards compatible? Because I absolutely abhor the click-wheel. The 3G's touch wheel and buttons were the best, in my opinion. My guess is that the wiring hasn't really change for the click-wheel, it has just been connected in different places. Or maybe the way to do this is to take a 5G iPod and put a 3G faceplate on it... I dunno... But any help/insight would be fab.
Posted by: usbcd36

Re:5G (Photo) Guts in a 3G iPod? - 10/11/05 07:41 PM

I wish.

My guess is there would be far too many complications to even consider something like that (backlit buttons are the main one), but I'm on the same boat, hate that dumb click-wheel.
Posted by: peacefrog226

Re:5G (Photo) Guts in a 3G iPod? - 10/11/05 09:00 PM

well, a bhard drive swap is fine

ive swapped hard drives from 4g to 3g and vise versa and it works fine as long as the hard drive has 3g friendly firmnware on it

but buttone and stuff from the 3g will not integrate onto the 4g(and 5g )logic board

Posted by: JediJoker7169

Re:5G (Photo) Guts in a 3G iPod? - 10/11/05 10:29 PM

Thanks for the info. I'll still keep looking for solutions, though.
Posted by: soundmann18

Re:5G (Photo) Guts in a 3G iPod? - 10/11/05 11:05 PM

If i had a spare 3G and 5G iPod lying around I'd crack 'em open and have a look. I mean, a button is just a switch to allow current to pass through a certain line, so it's bound to be hackable.

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