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10.2.Pod - 03/10/05 01:24 AM

So I haven't posted in something like a week... mainly to the problem of my computer doesn't work... idk why... I'm sending it in to apple tommarow... Anyway I decided that since it is still here I may as well just try the basics... the basics didn't work so I moved on to the idea of arcive and reinstall *Gasp RRRRR NOT AGAIN!* Tho I may lose all my memory altogether... that would really suck. Anyway so I go to do this from the CD and I have my good 'ol iPod G1 5GB pluged in... and as it searched for disks to install in my iPod showed up as a possibility! Score... I told it to install, and went to bed... Lieing in bed bored I heard my computer restart and ran to the rescue. It was starting from my iPod... weird but cool. Right now I'm typing from Safari installed on the applications folder ON MY iPOD! Now thats just plain cool. Anyway I am experimenting and will reply again when my computer gets back... hey I've noticed that it goes much faster... so I have a few cool mod ideas that you might like... anyway talk to all later.

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Re:10.2.Pod - 03/10/05 01:26 AM

Oh and forgot to mention...
Not only am I using it as a startup disk, but it also shows up as an iPod from iTunes... Very weird.
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whoa :ohmy: , I was under the impression that you could not use firewire as a start-up disk. I guess I was mistaken. :pinch:
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Re:10.2.Pod - 03/10/05 01:37 AM

I was too... isnt that crazy!


(PS: being the orginal iPod it runs only on firewire just if you didn't know)
(PSS: Night.)
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Re:10.2.Pod - 03/10/05 01:40 AM

That's crazy Knifelord, but I wouldn't suggest putting that much strain on your iPod. They normally don't seek for that long of a time and I would imagine that drive errors/corruption could occur. Seriously, it shouldn't happen, but as a percausion I'd get yourr internal drive working A.S.A.P. and get the iPod back to playing songs.

Props on getting that working!

But anyways, here is a link on Apple's FAQ on it :: iPod Startup Disk
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Re:10.2.Pod - 03/10/05 04:39 PM

Keep your home folder on your iPod, it's handy when you're using someone else's mac while away from home. Put your home folder in their user directory, and you can log in and all your stuff/settings are there. When you leave, whipe it off the HD! I do that a lot at school, but I think their new security measures are going to put a stop to that (aww...).
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Re:10.2.Pod - 03/11/05 02:41 PM

great tip Alex. wink
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Re:10.2.Pod - 06/08/05 12:55 AM

Accually, the iPod isn't built for so much disk use...it isn't a great thing to run a full os on it :unsure:
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Re:10.2.Pod - 10/29/05 02:12 PM

Last year I transfered everythingto my ipod and used that as the startup disc. It worked great until I got my desktop back up and running. Very useful.
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Re:10.2.Pod - 10/29/05 02:55 PM

oojacoboo wrote:
whoa :ohmy: , I was under the impression that you could not use firewire as a start-up disk. I guess I was mistaken. :pinch:

Wow, I wasn't aware of this either. Could prove to be useful if I'm in a bind.
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iPod Drive - 07/10/06 05:05 PM

I,m booting 10.3 from my iPod fine, and It Shows up as an ipod in iTunes.