Mod - iPod as a IR Remote

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Mod - iPod as a IR Remote - 07/29/04 09:20 PM

Engadget has posted a How-To on turing your iPod into a Universal Infrared Remote Control. Sounds more cumbersome than useful, but it's still a mod!

To whet the appetite:
Ingredients needed:
- Any iPod
- Mac or PC with sound recording software
- PocketPC
- Griffin Total Remote software and IR device

Read the rest here!
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Re:Mod - iPod as a IR Remote - 07/29/04 09:45 PM

damn you magnus for finding this. I have contacted the author of this and he will be posting it on the site soon I hope for the competition. Therefore, macmod will have the mod guide as well. We were going to feature this mod on our site even though engadget did as well. O well, its still a great mod. Not too sure how it will do in the competition but its a great one.

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Re:Mod - iPod as a IR Remote - 07/29/04 10:03 PM


I just submitted it as a Mod Guide, with links and credit going to Engadget. Guess you admins can cancel it if you've gotten the real deal from the author.
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Re:Mod - iPod as a IR Remote - 07/29/04 10:12 PM

ha, yea, I was just reviewing that now. I will cancel the post. But, I do want to thank you for taking the time and would like to encourage you to continue to do this in the future. We would always like to get the real deal from the main author if possible. This will keep members from having to go all over the web to get what they want. Also, we want to get and keep the images on macmod as well. This is because as time passes, links change and/or servers go down, etc. If they are on macmod we can be assured that they will always be available. Cheers Magnus!!
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Re:Mod - iPod as a IR Remote - 07/29/04 11:55 PM

i'm sorry, but this thread made me laugh. hopefully this will help out mr KnifeLord with his mod as well, since it will have some internal information. we can only hope.