Quicksilver G4 issue

Posted by: w2ed

Quicksilver G4 issue - 08/23/10 11:01 PM

I have a Quicksilver G4 that I assembled from Parts bought on the web. The last part I want to put in - a dual 1 Ghz card - causes problems. (Memory is maxxed out at 1.5 Ghz, it has a 9800 ATI card in it, runs 10.4.11) The major problem is that it overheats and shuts itself off after a while, leading me to think it's a heat-related issue. However, after numerous times cleaning, swapping in and out parts, etc, nothing seems to stop this. Is there any way to fix this? The card was part of another Mac system and made by Apple, in case you were wondering. Thanks.
Posted by: ichroma

Re: Quicksilver G4 issue - 08/24/10 06:41 AM

I had a similar experience. Turned out to be a power supply problem. Any ticking noises? Might be an idea to replace small battery on logic board.
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Re: Quicksilver G4 issue - 08/24/10 12:04 PM

You've added a lot of stuff, I was thinking the PS is overheating or being taxed. I have an old MDD that has add on USB and firewire cards and 4 HDs. If I use a beefed up video card I need to unplug a HD or two to keep it from randomly shutting down.

Are all the fans working? If you leave the case open, possibly with a small fan on it does it shut down? Maybe you need a PCI exhaust fan or two to pull the heat out of the case.
Posted by: w2ed

Re: Quicksilver G4 issue - 08/24/10 10:42 PM

ichroma, No ticking noises. Since I do have issue with it sometimes "forgetting" the date and time, the battery thing isn't such a bad idea.

Reboot, fans are working fine, although I have to clean them more often than I like. (A lot of books = a lot of dust.) I had a PCI exhaust fan in there for a while, but it did nothing to cool it down. It should also be noted that it would do this after everything in the cases is cleaned and dusted, and the card is freshly reinstalled.

Both of you echoed my thought of it being the power supply - every plug on it is being used, so more likely than not it is probably sucking too much. Would modifying a beefier power supply fix the problem? I've seen hack pages in the past, though I don't know where I'd find the info on doing that now. The Power Supply is the same that came with the case and original (A) motherboard. (344 watts)

I should note that I don't want to invest too much more moeny into this: I want to do a clean system upgrade next year on all of my computer components, so I want to save as much money as possible.
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Re: Quicksilver G4 issue - 08/24/10 11:30 PM

If it does it with the case open and a fan on it it's probably the PS being maxed out.

There's quit a few google hits for atx power supply in quicksilver.

Posted by: johnodd44

Re: Quicksilver G4 issue - 01/27/11 09:54 AM

Dont replace with a atx power supply bad idea really bad idea.

had one tried the tutorial the power supply worked good for 3 days then nothing the machine became unstable and then fried the cpu apple had rigged power supply's for a reason and by the way your graphics card is causing your issue if you have a mac graphics card that requires you to have a 300 volt power supply to be able to run it the g4 quicksilver is a 300 watt power supply which will cause the power supply to fail do to not enough power
Posted by: Thomas Carley

Re: Quicksilver G4 issue - 03/11/11 09:46 PM

You said you installed a dual 1 Ghz card, you might all ready be aware that the heat sink will only work if the pad on the heat sink that goes over the CPU's is centered and has a thin coat of thermal grease, If it's not centered (it can be mounted 2 ways only one is correct), or missing the silicone grease the CPU's will overheat after a short time and shut down, on the higher speed G4's correct mounting of the heat sink is critical.