My hackintosh lives

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My hackintosh lives - 09/23/08 06:24 PM

Yesterday I was over at my girl friend's house. Her father gave me a computer that use to be his sister's. He atempted to upgrade its memory and did something that caused the motherboard to die. Anyway he gave me the system, its a Compaq sr5010nx. Since I still had that Intel motherboard that I bought a while back (Pretty much the exact one Apple used in their dev systems) I swapped out motherboards and had a fully functional system. I went ahead and also swapped out DVD drives and boosted the memory to a whopping 2.75GB. I also installed osX86 10.4.9. No specials patches needed. It runs pretty much native. I had to enable the TPS chip so it would boot properly.

Now all what is left to do is gut the system again and transplant it to my red and black case 2.0.

BTW, all of the hardware works execpt for sound.
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Re: My hackintosh lives - 09/23/08 07:26 PM

good work.
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Re: My hackintosh lives - 09/26/08 04:28 PM

Well done. I have a Dell Precision 340 running 10.5.1 via iAktos. All of the hardware works fine, with only sleep being an issue. That and the screen resolution has to be set manually. I was amazed that OS X runs as well as it does, considering this is a single P4 processor system. Very cool. It's now my IRC logger.
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Re: My hackintosh lives - 09/29/08 03:19 PM

Since my old main system has kicked the bucket I mixed and matched my hackintosh and main system.

New Specs
Intel D945GTP motherboard
Intel Celeron D 3.46GHz (SSE3 supported)
4GB ram
SATA 140GB hard drive
Three IDE western digital 120GB hard drives (One is Firewire)
Pioneer DVR-110d (connected via Firewire)
Motorola USB bluetooth dongle
RealTek 8139 10/100 nic (dual ethernet)
ActionTec four port FireWire card
Rosewill 450 watt power supply
Compaq case (Haven't swap cases yet)

Since my motherboard only has one IDE channel I had to make my backup drive and DVD drive connect via firewire. I had one external unit but forced it to be dual channel by hacking up a extra IDE cable. Also since the circuit board for the IDE to firewire adapter is small and only uses 5 volts to power it I mounted it inside the case but I have a 5 foot long firewire cable bunched up in the case.
Right now I'm checking out to see if any of my IDE PCI controller cards are compatible with OS X.
I'm going to buy a copy of Leopard from ebay soon.