SATA card suggestions

Posted by: Scott in Japan

SATA card suggestions - 06/21/08 09:01 AM

Hello Modders,

I'm working on building a RAID 5 set-up. I've bought my disks, but still need to get a controller. I want 3-4 internal ports and obviously it needs to be able to do RAID 5. Also, as I am on a budget, a lower price is a must.

Two I have been looking at are :

Anyone have any other suggestions ?

Thanks in advance,

Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: SATA card suggestions - 06/21/08 08:04 PM

Have a look at what OWC have. The usually have a good range of features and prices. There should be one you consider a happy compromise between the two.

They go from about $50 to over $900.

I have a couple of Siig cards for a similar purpose to yours. No hardware RAID on mine though. I have tested one using it to salvage data from failing/failed drives. Its done a good job so far, mounting a few drives that wouldn't work in USB or Firewire enclosures.
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Blind Date - 09/20/08 09:00 PM

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