got my new imac!

Posted By: eatthemeek

got my new imac! - 08/17/07 11:13 PM

Finally got my new imac yesterday and i love it. smile i havent had any issues with the super glossy screen and there are windows all over my house.
The keyboard is a big improvement in my opinion but i'm still getting used to the aluminiumlookof it. It's quite heavy for its size but gives it a robust feel, not cheapas some people have said.
i considered hacking up my G4 for the mod contest but a friend heard about my new computer and offered me $300 for it and well... i need the money!
Posted By: Waragainstsleep

Re: got my new imac! - 08/18/07 06:38 PM

I finally got to have a play with one today. I really like them too.
Posted By: 987687

Re: got my new imac! - 08/18/07 09:53 PM

In my opinion they look a lot better. I think the old ones are really ugly.
Posted By: zenstate

Re: got my new imac! - 08/19/07 01:09 AM

The new iMacs are super sexy.  I have thought of getting one but i'm much more a tower kinda guy.

Hope you enjoy it!
Posted By: eatthemeek

Re: got my new imac! - 08/19/07 11:50 PM

Normally i am too, but i didnt have the 3k+ ($AU) for a mac pro and most of the cards iwanted to get for it wont be available in pci-e form for a while.
Posted By: maestro

Re: got my new imac! - 08/20/07 12:44 AM

Cool, post some pics.
Posted By: vvxiao

Re: got my new imac! - 10/25/07 02:07 AM

yeah, i agree!  post ur new imac here and we can have a look!

ipod skin case  smile
Posted By: eatthemeek

Re: got my new imac! - 10/25/07 10:22 AM

my new imacs super drive died  :'( so its straight to the apple store to get it replaced before leopard comes out, i probably could have tolerated it for a while otherwise as i hardly use it
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