eMac G4 1GHZ temp running deadly hot please help

Posted by: wyclef

eMac G4 1GHZ temp running deadly hot please help - 07/26/07 08:43 PM

Hey, I just installed a new optical drive and 320gb 7200rpm drive from the stock hardware that came with the emac. Everything went smoothly and things have been running fine until I noticed that the temp was at 181.4F today. My G4 MDD usually can get up to around 125-135F but that seems way too hot. I was positive I put the thing back together perfectly but now I'm questioning whether or not the fan is even running? Is there software to test this? Also, the drive I installed was thicker 3.5" than the one that was in there already but there was an appropriate spot to mount it so I didn't think it was a big deal. Please help.
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Re: eMac G4 1GHZ temp running deadly hot please help - 07/26/07 10:14 PM

I don't suppose you know what temps it was running before the upgrade?
Even us pros leave the odd cable out now and then (usually when we think we can do something without the service manual). Its worth having a look. If you can't tell whether or not the fan is running, you can run it with the case off. But make sure you discharge the CRT, and don't touch the guts until you do.

Though you will have to short the pins at oine end of the power button cablr to switch it on without the case.
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Re: eMac G4 1GHZ temp running deadly hot please help - 07/27/07 02:45 AM

ok, i got it open. fan wasn't working, not sure which connection was the problem but i took them all out and put them back in again and now the fan works. i have no way of knowing how long the comp has been running with the fan not functioning. at the most 3 days. no clue what temp it was running at before. probably around 125f. now i'm worried the comp is fried. it can't locate any system software off the hard drive. seems to freeze at the happy mac folder icon, i'm trying to launch the apple hardware test cd but seems to be frozen on the loading screen. i'm gonna be in a major major bind if i fried my machine. any suggestions?
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Re: eMac G4 1GHZ temp running deadly hot please help - 07/29/07 01:29 PM

Start with the usual PRAM resets. Swap RAM out. If it persists, open up and re-do all your connections again. If it still persists, you may well have fried it. You could try disconnecting the HD and then see if it boots from disc.
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Re: eMac G4 1GHZ temp running deadly hot please help - 07/29/07 01:53 PM

OK. Here's the latest. I zapped the PRAM and was able to boot up just fine. Ran diskwarrior again, everything checked out, ran extended AHT, everything checked out, installed temp monitors and system monitors to check the temperature, fan seems to run fine now, everything checks out. Shut down, now on boot up this morning had trouble starting up again. frozen gray screen, weird kernel panic gibberish, had to restart a lot, finally zapped the pram again and was able to get things running properly again. I'm downloading Applejack now, and am going to restart in singleuser mode and run it. I've just ran Onyx. Once i'm in it runs great. Some time goes by, notice the temp goes up too high again, check and the fan stopped working. what do i do? i made sure all the connections were real tight and it was working fine and now it's not. it's a royal pain to open and shut this thing a bunch of times. i took it apart again, reconnected all the fan cables and now it won't work. how can i pinpoint what's causing the fan not to spin. it's not impeded in anyways and is a power issue i'm positive. i've taken the fan out altogether and was hoping to test hooking up a 9v battery to it to make sure it works independent of the computer but am not sure how to do this. anyone know? also, if someone could tell me which connector does what that would be great. there is the one down by the left speaker, the one that swings around the back right, the ground, and the one that floats on the left. if i could figure out which one does what i could maybe at least start with the power cable and make sure it's at least getting power.